Acadechism: The Loot that Keeps on Giving

Acadechism (or the Abracadabramacarena as a friend calls it) is hands down one of the best early T7 instances you'll find in EQ2. Full of Orcs, named bosses, and most importantly loot, you'll find no better place to go. Ten Ton Hammer has the low down on this zone, it's creatures, and what treasures await you.

Orcs, Orcs, and more Orcs, that's all Crushbone has to offer. In the early 20's this is a great place to take your friends for some xp and fun. What many people didn't realize early on was atop this might fortress is another zone, a much more challenging and dangerous place, the Acadechism. If you completed Dvinn's Throne Room, remember how Dvinn pulled a comic book fist shaking villian disapperance? Well guess where he went? This zone is designed for early 60's, and while it can be done by a group of 70's, other than AA experience you won't see much in the way of reward.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016