The next EverQuest II expansion has all but been officially announced. With heavy hints, interesting information, and in-game tid-bits that all point to one thing, could the next expansion be anything but Velious? Rumors of a Velious expansion have been making their rounds for years but this time, it’s a little bit more than just rumors.

New Halas was a pretty big clue. This big chunk of ice floating in the Frostfang Sea seems to have an awful lot of action happening, the most telling of which is the renewal of the Coldain dwarves and their enemy the Ry’Gorrs, both creatures who were native to the Velious lands in the original EQ. Could this collection of small islands be just a sprinkling of what might be left of Velious?

Read up on what we know, what Velious is, and join us in a little pre-announcement speculation!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016