If you bought beachfront property here, you got screwed.

SOE has the latest article in their EQ2 zone review series up today and this time the focus is on the fiery, dangerous Lavastorm.

Lavastorm, arriving from the Nektulos Forest at the Docks, it will be immediately clear why the zone is called Lavastorm. Right there at the docks is a small building and inside you will find various quests. The Lost Legends of Lavastorm Heritage Quest being one of them. The other ones are more appealing though if you're not yet in the higher 40's. Over the bridge and to the shore you will find plenty of fire elementals along with goblins in and past the cave. This is one of the best grinding spots in Norrath for the lower 40's. One of the goblins past the cave will be looking for your help; once again a Heritage Quest awaits, this time the one for the Golden Efreeti Boots. But this time I'd recommend the higher 40's before delving into that quest. Since your now getting closer to the lava, a warning shall be placed here, swimming in the lava is not to be recommended.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016