One of the player's favorite EverQuest starting zones is finally making it into EverQuest II. It isn't the Halas of old but this frozen wonderland holds it's own charm, excitement, and danger. Taking on 20 levels of new player fun, Ten Ton Hammer has ventured to these new lands and have put together a tour complete with screenshots and descriptions that lead you from the first startling steps to the victorious entrance into the grand new city.

Further into the plains you'll find another small camp within a shallow cave and a whole new kind of danger with the Ry'gorrs and their battle with the Coldain. This battle spreads throughout the Great Shelf and up on Herga's Choke where Ry'gorr orcs are invading via a portal. You can see the nearby Ry'Gorr Isle with hordes waiting to attack.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016