As far as user interfaces go, EverQuest II’s default UI
isn’t terrible. Windows can be moved, resized, added, removed, and altered in
many ways. For a lot of players, the default UI is more than enough to suit
their needs but for some, they are always looking for a little something

As long as there have been games, there have been players
who modify games. In some games, such as Aion, mods are expressly forbidden due
to the amount of abuse that happens with mods. For other games, such as World of
Warcraft or EverQuest II, mods are not only allowed but in some ways, encouraged
and promoted officially. Coming from a trusted and well known source, there is
really no reason why players can’t enjoy a little UI customization in EQ2.
Whether you choose to customize a little or customize a lot, there is something
out there for you.

What Are Mods?

User interface modifications alter the way you interact
with your user tools in game. They often don’t just change the look and they can
alter the functions of your interface quite a bit. Alternately, skins tend to
leave the original function of the interface in place and just alter how it
looks a little bit. These usually add color, effects, and other eye pleasing
changes and can be a lot of fun to play with and are a nice change away from the
basic default UI.


Mod: EQ2Map

Created by: EQ2Interface community project

Link to Download

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Never be lost in Norrath again with the very handy
search feature.

I don’t have a custom UI on all of my comps that have EQ2
installed, but I do have EQ2Map on all of them. If you have ever needed to ask
where a mob is then you need this add on.

As probably one of the least invasive mods, EQ2Map is also
one of the most helpful.  It does pretty much what you would expect it to; it
modifies your existing map and actually adds maps to zones that may not have one
on the default UI. This mod doesn’t just stop there though. It marks locations
to NPCs, items, quest updates, and quest starters. Nearly anything you could
want to find will be on this map!

Along with that, there is also a search box that allows the
player to search for specific quests, locations, or NPCs. This minor UI mod can
make questing far easier, although occasionally you’ll still run into quests
that haven’t been added in yet.

This is an active mod that is consistently updated and can
come with an auto-updater so you can patch it quickly and easily. I’ve used this
mod myself for 4-5 years now and have never been disappointed. I wouldn’t play
EQ2 without it.

Fetish Nightfall

Mod: Fetish Nightfall v11.3

Created by: Zonx

Link to Download

One of the more popular UIs that is still updated, and is
one of my personal favorites, Fetish Nightfall puts more info on your screen and
allows for plenty of shortcuts for common actions. This mod is easy install and
one that even the novice can manage. It comes in a zip file that you unzip
directly into your EverQuest II directory. Once unzipped into the proper
location, you just load up the game to see what new goodies you have to work

Right away you will notice that you have several new
windows. A stats bar shows all of your character’s basic stats, resistances, and
modifiers. A bigger and vastly improved level bar shows your adventure,
achievement, and tradeskill experience all together so you won’t have to flip
through bars ever again. My favorite feature of Fetish is the fact that even
your most basic windows give you more information without having to mouse over
them. Everything is built so that info is gained at a glance and settings can be
changed without having to rifle through several windows.

The main EQ2 menu is smaller and has the addition of
shortcuts to common graphic options making it easy to switch between raid
graphic settings and high quality settings. It also has your volume controls, a
nightvision button, and the Fetish controls all on a compact interface.

Fetish UI adds interest and versatility for every player.

Fetish Central gives unique UI options.

The broker window makes buying and selling more compact.

On the corner of many of the item windows are little keys
that will search a few of the preset EQ2 databases or Google. Clicking one of
these buttons will launch an in-game browser window that directs you to
whichever site you have chosen with the item you are searching already loading
up. If you’re a fan of databases, this is a very useful feature.

Bags can be resized and reconfigured from their original
placement. You can arrange these nearly any way you like. If you choose to use
the widescreen option, you could very easily place all your windows and
inventory outside of your clickable game space allowing for players to leave
bags open for easy access without having them get in the way during combat.

The broker window, likely one window where you will see the
biggest difference, is all on one neat interface. This ensures that when you are
looking at your selling tab and searching for an item price that you won’t have
to switch between tabs to see how much something is selling for.

Fetish Nightfall’s interface is not only easy to use but
even easier to use than the default. It puts more at your fingertips and hides
less behind tabs, mouseovers, and hotkeyed windows. It ends up being a valuable
tool in time management for even the most casual of players.

Add Ons and Skins

You can find plenty of various skins to alter the basic
appearance (while leaving the original function) and partial add ons that
address specific issues within the game on
EQ2Interface. These are often tested
to be safe but be sure to read all the feedback on any mod you choose to try out
to make sure that nothing is questionable. Also remember to follow the
directions of each mod so that you know your game will perform exactly as it

Do you have a favorite EverQuest II mod? Be sure to stop by
our forums and let others know what mod finds you have dug up and why you love

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016