ESports Betting Safely On Trusted Offshore Websites In Canada

Esports betting has been gaining popularity in recent years, with the global eSports betting market expected to reach $13 billion by 2025. The rise of eSports as mainstream entertainment has increased the number of people interested in betting on eSports events.


Esports betting offers a unique and exciting way for fans to engage with their favorite games and players and potentially win money.

The Bright Future Of Canadian Online Betting

Today, several Canadian territories and provinces have online casinos, and gambling on these sites is legal. Canadians can also play at online casinos operated by companies outside of Canada. 


In recent years, eSports betting and offshore online gambling have taken off. Today more and more people are realizing the benefit of offshore gambling. It is fun, convenient, and easy to access, and you can enjoy several games too. Also, you can get great details on how to play without depositing on The Lost Gamer. Check out the guide and review and be well-informed. This also helps in enhancing your gaming experience. 


So, today, let's look deeply at offshore gambling and how you can bet safely. 

Is It Legal To Play in an Offshore Casino?

To answer this question, yes. If you want to play offshore in Canada, you do not have to worry about its legal status. You are free to choose whichever platform you wish to. However, remember that always opt for a reliable offshore gambling site.


You can research and refer to the articles to get a clear idea. 



Advantages Of Betting With Offshore Sportsbooks

Betting with offshore gambling sites offers several benefits. First, these sites operate in an environment that encourages development and innovation. So, when you visit offshore websites in Canada, you will see they have features such as large bonus packs, a wide selection of games, etc. There are other advantages too:

Easier To Organize

Depending on several variables, the convenience of offshore esports gambling can vary. There are risks associated with wagering on offshore sites, such as the possibility of legal issues and the absence of supervision and regulation, even though offshore sportsbooks may offer a greater diversity of betting options and potentially better odds.


Noting that the legality of offshore esports gambling can vary by jurisdiction is essential. In some nations, online gambling is prohibited or strictly regulated; in others, it is legal and widely accepted.


For example, external sites can offer any bonus to their players and accept any personal documents for KYC verification. Gambling commissions do not place any regulatory restrictions on licensed websites. 

You Can Get More Rewards

The main fun of playing these games is that the players can earn money. And if you get the additional bonus, it adds to the fun. Offshore sites provide huge bonuses; you can take advantage of them and play longer. Also, you can get a welcome bonus too.  

Tax-Free Income!

Are you looking to earn some tax-free income? If yes, betting on offshore gambling sites can offer you an additional tax-free source of income. You can use this income to pay your expenses or bills.  

Play Anytime And Anywhere

The offshore casinos are primarily compatible with tablets, smartphones, etc. Mobile gambling offers numerous advantages, including convenience, accessibility, and adaptability.


With mobile gambling, players can access their beloved games and place wagers from anywhere with an internet connection.

How To Choose A Trustworthy eSports Offshore Betting Site

Since the betting world is not free of scams, it has become highly vital that you pick a reliable website. So, below are some points you must always check before picking an offshore website in Canada. 

The License

Always ensure that the site you choose is licensed. Licensing ensures that the site is following fair gaming practices. 

The Reputation Of The Site 

You can always check the reviews and testimonials. This way, you will get an idea of the reputation. Reading the reviews gives you an idea of which site to avoid.

The Security

One of the most crucial factors is security. You will be sharing your sensitive information you must ensure that your data is protected and safe. Check out if the site uses SSL encryption technology or not. 

Customer Support

If you have any issues, then customer support will help you in resolving that. So, opt for the overseas website that provides you with 24*7 support. 

Types Of Offshore Payment Methods 

As you have seen, there are different offshore payment methods; some of the popular options are:

Credit Cards

It is one of the widely used payment methods. Some popular credit cards are Visa, Mastercard, and Amex for depositing and withdrawing. Also, the process is easy; however,

some banks might block your transactions to overseas gambling sites; in that situation, you can contact your financial institution for assistance. 

Bank Transfers 

Several platforms accept bank transfers too as a method of payment. You can transfer funds from your bank directly to the betting sites. But, this method takes longer, as it can take for the payment to process. However, it is one of the most reliable methods. 


You can also deposit or withdraw money using e-wallets. Several offshore websites accept several e-wallet options Paypal, Skrill, etc. You can store your funds in the virtual wallet for easy withdrawal and deposit. 

Crypto Payments 

This is the new-age payment. Although making payments via cryptocurrencies can be complex, this option is one of the most secure. To make payment via Crypto, you need to have a crypto wallet. It provides a secure and speedy transaction. 

Some Tips For Responsible Gambling

As you have seen, offshore gambling offers several benefits, but you must ensure you gamble responsibly. Below are some tips to help you play responsibly.

  • Set the limit: You can start by setting some boundaries and limits on how much time you will spend on gambling.

  • Set a budget: You must set a budget and decide how much you can afford to gamble. Only put in some of your funds. Also, remember that you must not chase the losses.

  • Take breaks: Do not get engrossed in the game, and take breaks too. There are better times to make decisions when you are tired. Know when to take breaks. 



Summing up, offshore eSports gambling is enjoyable and comes with several perks. There are advantages such as flexibility, high bonuses, better odds, etc. However, you must remember that you always bet safely on a trusted offshore website in Canada. Remember the steps mentioned above, and you are good to go! 

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Last Updated: Jun 22, 2023