It seems like every night you spent playing video games into the wee hours of the morning will finally pay off. In today's day and age, becoming a passionate gamer is valued more than just playtime; in fact, there are surprisingly a few scholarships available. Esports has penetrated the realm of university athletics, where students may compete for esports scholarships and earn money for their participation. The following is an exhaustive list of available colleges with esports scholarships for the lovers of virtual entertainment as well as specific programs related to it.

UC Berkeley

The one educational institution that offers scholarships for gamers is The University of California, Berkeley. It’s considered a Tier 1 institution and is ranked the eighth-best open educational institution in the United States. The university's esports departments are among the most prominent in the country. They can make many Leagues of Legends, CS: GO, PUGB, Smash Ultimate, Fortnite, and many other teams to stand out in their potential future career. Few of the teams from this university are some of the division-one players that make up its vast gaming teams. Additionally, the school has division players such as Cal Golden Two, for instance.

The institution has received a total score of 87.4 out of 100. In-state students pay a tuition fee of $14,312 per year, while students from outside states pay $29,754 per year. Scholarships in the amount of $1,500 might be awarded to deserving understudies who possess the willingness to participate in professional sports.

University Of Utah

Among the elements that everyone should consider optimal while applying to the University of Utah is gaming scholarships. At this educational institution, there is an organized varsity eSports program for League of Legends players. It is hoped that the program will develop so large that the institution can provide full scholarships for 35 students who join its eSports varsity squad. Keep visiting the scholarship lender's website for updated data on how to submit your application. This university had a significant gaming community even before it started varsity esports. Here, a club of academics called The Esports Association was formed in 2013. The organizers of this club organized events and competitions for enthusiasts to participate in. The group, subsequently renamed Crimson Gaming, grew swiftly in size and power.

ESA Association

If you've decided to push your college gaming to the limits and pursue a career, you should consider this option. The ESA Foundation has created a scholarship fund that will provide financial assistance to female and minority students studying anywhere in the United States. The goal of the fund is to encourage greater producers in the gaming industry as well as uniqueness in the fields of science, new tech, mechanical, art, and mathematics.

Throughout 2007, this organization has given out more than 450 grants to minority students who are pursuing a master's degree or online gaming arts and sciences. These grants are intended to fuel the ambitions of these individuals. In addition to supplying students with much-required financial assistance, the scholarship makes available a variety of non-financial changes, such as the chance to participate in connectivity and mentorship events, as well as proximity to main industry gatherings such as the Developer Conference but also E3.

Minecraft Scholarship

For the ones that specifically enjoy playing the worldwide known game Minecraft, there is a special scholarship available. If you wonder why colleges are offering playing video games and programs regarding it, think twice. It’s popular among youngsters, understudies would have to pay school fees, and it provides them with fun. So, why wouldn’t it be an excellent thing?


When it comes to this game particularly, pupils may qualify for a $2,000 prize for their next season's education costs if they excel in this specific game. Yearly, when the submission limitations have passed, all sketches would be completed in early August. To participate, participants are asked to submit a brief essay outlining how Minecraft may benefit their knowledge and professional advancement. Our goal is to discover how you think Minecraft may be used to help students learn and grow. We'd love to hear from you about how you've used this wonderful game to do more than simply play it.


Black Collegiate Gaming Association

When we’re speaking about gamers generally, a college paper might sometimes come as a great addition, especially if it’s about some of their courses or school projects. Here, you can surely find some regularly. This group collaborates with the PlayStation Professional Education Project to provide financial assistance to students of African ancestry or women of the race who are pursuing a full-time education at a college or university. Candidates need to demonstrate that they are working toward a profession in gaming or esports.

Its goal is to get more black and other women who are currently enrolled in college into the gaming business, not just as customers but also as developers, designers, and other creatives. They can frequently run or similar sites in search of qualitative information. Luckily, it won’t be necessary here. Why? Because the staff is at your disposal 24/7. The purpose of this course is to develop students to the point where they are ready to participate in interviews and become a member of the gaming world on a level that is comparable to that of corporations. They’ll also willingly contribute to the development of pioneers of the future, and you should keep that in mind.


You are undoubtedly wondering how in the world it is possible to win a scholarship by just participating in a game. You can also be under the impression that it is simply a hallucination. Having said that, the reality is that this is the case. You remain in a grounded frame of mind right now. And there is no mistaking this reality. Therefore, ensure you seize this rare chance while you amuse yourself. If you let this opportunity pass you by, it's possible that you won't be able to forgive yourself in the end.

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Last Updated: Jun 20, 2022