Ether Saga Online
is a very story-driven game, which is inspired by Chinese literary
classic Journey to the
. Quests will provide characters with opportunities
for experience and loot, but since many quests are also linked with the
game’s storyline, they will also progress the story.
Therefore, they will be one of the main components of gameplay in style="font-style: italic;">Ether Saga Online.
Each race has a different story, which will provide different quests.
However, all races are working toward the common goal of being asked to
join the Journey to the

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First, let’s talk nitty gritty details. There are over 12,000
quests and subquests in the game. To compare that with retail games, style="font-style: italic;">World of Warcraft
has 8,700 quests. Our level cap is 90, so that’s an average
of 133 quests per level! With such a large catalog of quests, players
will never get bored in the game. More importantly, the quests will
direct players on where they need to go next. We even have a function
in the game (accessed by hitting Ctrl-Q) that will call up a menu that
lists every available quest for you. It will show you the objectives
and the location to accept the quest.

There are 16 different types of quests in ESO. These range from Fate
Quests (the core story) to Fun Quests (trivia and repeatable quests).
The goals of the quests will require you to kill monsters, talk to an
NPC, deliver an item or even collect puzzle pieces. Some will ask you
to check out the view from atop a waterfall. Others will require you to
find a character of the opposite gender and ask you to swap items.

In addition to the story-driven quests, there are also daily quests and
bulletin board quests. Daily quests encompass various types of quests.
First, there are events that occur several times per day in Pokari, the
main city. NPCs will arrive in Pokari to give out a specific quest. One
quest asks you to deliver supplies to the city guards; another one asks
you to ward off rats invading the city. Second, there are daily quests
for couples, clans and alliances. All of these daily quests are meant
to bring players together, and yield great and rare rewards.

Bulletin Board quests are found in every
major city at bulletin boards.
NPCs post jobs on the board ranging from killing monsters to delivering
a message. They are repeatable and allow players to accrue more
experience and obtain items such as the puzzle pieces. You’ll
want to check the boards often – occasionally there will be
Epic or Heroic quests that give you even bigger rewards than normal

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Finding the objective of the quest is very easy. Key locations will be
highlighted with green text. Clicking on the green text in a quest will
automatically route your character to that location. The path-finding
is smart, so it will not get you stuck behind obstacles. However, it
will path you through monsters, so be careful when using this feature
while questing!

You’ll want to have a constant supply of quests not only for
the story, but also because they reward you with a lot of experience.
Killing monsters yields little experience when compared to quests, so
you will not want or need to mindless grind mobs to level up. Quests
also give you treasure and items. Treasure is unique in that it is
alternate currency to the coins (gold/silver/bronze) gained form
killing monsters. For example, if you want to buy potions, you have to
option to purchase them with coins or treasure.

The quests and story of Ether
are an important part of gameplay. Players
won’t disappear into the game world with no objective other
than to level- there will be a story that they will want to uncover.
With a multitude of quests, you will find there is no shortage of
things to do within Ether
Saga Online

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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