Now that a couple of major patches have gone in for EVE Online's Apocrypha, it is time to start looking at what will be coming up next for EVE players. Developer Chronotis uses the extra freaky daylight hours in Iceland to fill players in on what is coming up!

Apocrypha has been out for a little over three months and we have been watching the intrepid explorers amongst you venture into the unknown through the mysterious wormholes and bring forth the next technological revolution New Eden has witnessed and tackle the ancient sleepers. It is this we want to focus on in this blog with a set of changes which will increase the supply of tech III production materials.

Advances in Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering gets most of our love in this patch. What was clear is that we have plentiful material supply besides a few exceptions and the available blueprints and materials for reverse engineering were lacking.

Intact and malfunctioning relics will now reflect the greater ease with which the ancient technology can be melded with the current technology within experimental laboratories using these relics. The number of runs each blueprint will have has been greatly increased on these two making them much more valuable to acquire.

In addition the useful data gathered during reverse engineering which can lead to datacores or hybrid tech decryptors has been increased so any outcome will be more fruitful especially in meeting the overall costs of reverse engineering.

You can read the full details of what is planned for the next patches by visiting the EVE Online Dev Blog.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016