What makes EverQuest 2's economy work?

After spending hours looking for his Microeconomics book, only to realize it was holding the Christmas tree box closed, RadarX takes a quick look at the economy of EverQuest2. He'll answer questions like "What makes up the economy in-game?" "How does it effect the players?" and "What grade did Radar actually earn in Microeconomics?"

Irony. It stalks me around every dark corner, jumping out and ruining everything. As I sit down to write an article about the economics of EverQuest 2, lo and behold, the broker has been taken off line for another discovered exploit. As of this moment, the game has no economy and I have no article to write. The end. Just kidding. MMO economics, despite what some people think, are as real and complex as what we see on Bloomberg or any other financial news channel you'll be forced to watch at an airport.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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