At the end of last week, the Ten Ton Hammer staff href="" target="_blank">offered
you a look
into our personal href=""
stories. Now we have a special treat for
Ten Ton Hammer readers; we asked the staff of style="font-style: italic;">EverQuest to write
their favorite memories from the ten year old title, and they came back
with some fantastic responses. From simple stories of excellent combat
strategies to epic guild flashbacks, make sure you check out all of
these amazing memories!

Our post launch guild was far more diverse. 
We had a ranger
that steadfastly led our entire group, trailing behind using
auto-follow, directly over a cliff causing the death of several of our
weaker members.  We had our hide and seek games in Qeynos,
where they unfairly proclaim my use of illusions as cheating. 
We had good times doing things that the designers meant for us to
do.  We had just as much fun doing whatever we thought a band
of adventurers might do in their off hours.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016