It's still the biggest raids out there.

Rytan and the dev team of EverQuest have announced they are cutting the number of people needed for upcoming raids. Old raids will remain at the player level they are now, but the new ones will only require 42 people (in 7 groups of 6) rather than the current 54 people (in 9 groups of 6).

The player reaction to this move has been uniformly negative. It's generally felt that this is being done to bring raiding in line with "easier" games like WoW and EQ2. This is laughable in my opinion, because if the dev's really wanted to do that, they'd just slash people requirements to 25 man raids, just like WoW and EQ2, instead of slowly dropping the number required as time goes on. Even with this cut, EQ-ers are still running the largest raids that I'm aware of in AAA MMO games. To be honest, I think it's more a symptom of EverQuest's slowly declining population than anything else.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016