Over the last few months, MMOs that focus on player versus player
combat have really risen to the forefront of gamers’
imaginations. It seems like everyone in the world these days is
interested in going one-on-one with their friend and blowing them to
minuscule bits. One of those PvP-based titles on the horizon is href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/taxonomy/term/806"
a sci-fi
MMO that features everything from big guns to cyber-enhanced psionics.
Ten Ton Hammer recently sat down with the style="font-style: italic;">Earthrise team, and
we discussed everything from the current state of the game to the
closure of target="_blank">Tabula

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Ten Ton Hammer: What
state is Earthrise
in right now? When will we see beta?

Atanas Atanasov:
We are currently evaluating beta applications and running client and
server tests. Some people are already playing the game, but a higher
number of beta testers will be invited in the upcoming months. We are
all eager to show Earthrise
to everyone but you know that beta has its limitations.

Ten Ton Hammer: What was
your reaction to the eventual closure of style="font-style: italic;">Tabula Rasa
? What
lesson has Masthead Studios taken from that story?

Atanas: We
learned a lot from Tabula
’s launch and lifespan. With style="font-style: italic;">Earthrise, we
started with PvP as our assumption of how people would compete in a
futuristic setting for anything –life, property, influence
and control. The storyline came secondary, supporting that competitive
gritty look of the future with a growing conflict between two powerful
factions. Earthrise is a sandbox environment that has technology and
market supply provided by players for the players, allowing for much
more dynamic and exciting economy.

Ton Hammer: You have
talked a lot about the crafting system in the game. Can you tell us how
player crafted items will stack up against loot dropped from encounters?

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Items crafted by players will be intricately customized to the gameplay
of their owner and will allow thousands of combinations between base
Technology and use of multiple enhancement Designs. Looted items will
offer no customization beyond what the item has been generated with,
with fewer and weaker Designs.

Ten Ton Hammer: Have you
run combat scenarios in the office? How are they playing out using the
open world format?

Atanas: We
have, and we had a blast with it. Although rough around the edges like
every development version, it is turning out to be an exciting event
with everyone exploring new uses for the combat abilities, finding new
tactics and combat styles. We have been running PvP events between
small groups up to mass combat events although we expect even larger,
epic scale combat to be frequent event in battles for guild territory

Ten Ton Hammer: A big
question in sandbox games is can players solo? Many of these style
games eventually become run by guilds or large corporations that can
control major parts of the world. How would a solo player survive in

Atanas: The
storyline in Earthrise
is tailored to what a solo player could play alone although they will
find extreme challenges towards the end. Most quests can be done solo
and most creatures can be killed solo in 1v1 fight. In PvP combat,
however, and especially sieges it would be wise to have friends and not
walk the desolated lands alone.

Ton Hammer: We have
talked a lot about the PvP aspects of style="font-style: italic;">Earthrise
, what is
something you have not told us on the PvE side of the game that is
exciting to work on?

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Earthrise is taking a small break from the tried and proven formula of
providing disconnected quests and instead provides strong storylines
based around the two factions in the game. Along the storyline players
will be able to gain the respect of many independent organizations in
the game, following their goals and agendas and earning favor and
rewards for their actions.

Ten Ton Hammer: As a
player what skills will my character have to choose from? What types of
training will be available?

Combat is broken in two major schools – Soldier and Tech.
Soldier skills are those that operate with an array of weaponry based
on physical prowess and coordination – from melee batons
through a vast array of ranged weaponry to special power fists that
blast back the enemy. Tech skills are based on knowledge and operation
of high-tech gear. These skills include operating deadly weapons with
the power of emotion; nanocontrol over clouds of combat nanites, or
psionic powers enhanced by resonating holographic locus that envelops
the psionic and enhances his mental powers. Aside from these two
schools is the support skill group which consists of First aid,
Scouting abilities dealing with stealth and confusion of your opponent
and Robotic Control, a skill that allows the player to have his own
robotic assistant that helps him in combat.

Ten Ton Hammer: What is
your favorite part about working on the game as a player, what is
something you think fans will really enjoy?

Atanas: My
personal favorite is the sieges where players will be able to capture
territories and build their own bases. If you are interested in what
the other developers enjoy about the game, you should read our href="http://www.play-earthrise.com/newsletter/009/"
target="_blank">most recent newsletter!

Every player comes into a game looking for something specific and I
think fans will enjoy those parts of the game that lead them to style="font-style: italic;">Earthrise. Those
who like to PvP will find the intense PvP action filled with challenges
very enjoyable. Those who like crafting will love the crafting in style="font-style: italic;">Earthrise.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016