The lore of the href=""
series has been a source of entertainment for a vast number of players
throughout the years. From the shining sword of Mithaniel Marr to the
horrible deeds of Cazic Thule, the history of Norrath is rife with
faithful friends and fiendish foes.When SOE Denver’s href=""
target="_blank">Legends of Norrath
online trading card game was originally released, it was apparent that
the developers had really taken their time to explore the lore of this
epic series. Cards like “Fippy Darkpaw” and
“Nagafen” resonated with
longtime EQ lovers. With their fifth expansion – dubbed
“Ethernauts” –
the LoN developers have delved even deeper into that rich lore to
produce their cards. Recently, Ten Ton Hammer had the opportunity to
sit down with Evan Lorentz and discuss this upcoming expansion. We hope
you enjoy the interview and the two exclusive cards that
we’ve included!

Ton Hammer: You just recently announced the fifth set for Legends of
Norrath, which you’ve titled Ethernauts. What can players
expect from
this latest 280 card set? Where did you focus the most attention?

Evan Lorentz:
The number one focus was on injecting greater
strategic variety into the game. The last few expansions
we’ve released
have tipped the scales to a point where many serious tournament players
tended toward similar decks. They would load a deck with inexpensive
units, plan on never completing any quests, and
“rush” the opponent for
a quick kill. We wanted to slow down the pace of the game and rebalance
things so that other strategies – especially
avatar-vs.-avatar combat –
could have a fighting chance. More variety is more fun, and better for

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016