A few months have passed since the official launch of Gravity
Interactive's horror-based MMOG, href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/taxonomy/term/769"
target="_blank">Requiem: Bloodymare, but the
developers of that game haven't been sitting back and relaxing. In
fact, in their recently unveiled press release, they announced that a
whole new race would be entering the game! If that isn't enough a new
leveling system is on the way along with some class additions and
adjustments as well. Always on the lookout for new stories to break,
the Ten Ton Hammer staff was given four exclusive screenshots of the
new content to release to the public, and you're more than welcome to
view these images! Enjoy!

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Gravity Interactive, developer and publisher of a wide variety of
online games including both casual and hardcore MMOs, today announced
the deployment of a content update to its free-to-play massively
multiplayer online game, Requiem: Bloodymare.  Billed by the
company as “Update 3.0”, the deployment is the
biggest roll-out of new content for the critic and user acclaimed
horror MMO since its debut.  Released in July 2008, Requiem
has already attracted more than 300,000 registered users primarily
through word of mouth.  Gravity additionally announced a viral
campaign, launching a contest designed to introduce gamers of all types
to the exceptionally mature game play in this first-of-its kind MMO
RPG.  Existing players and interested participants can sign up
to win premium subscriptions, valuable in-game items and more at the
Requiem: Bloodymare web site at www.playrequiem.com.
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Requiem: Bloodymare is a
stunning new direction for MMO game play, delivering the caliber of
video game technology and content most gamers have come to expect in
traditional single-player PC and console titles.  Players are
thrust into missions and combat rendered with intense sequences of
blood and gore, making Requiem a unique online multiplayer experience
designed for mature players.  Game play is brutally realistic,
using the renowned Havok physics engine to make bodies react to blows
in combat, limbs sever and quiver as they fall to the ground, and
rag-doll physics create unique and unnervingly real death
animations.  Requiem has a completely free-to-play model,
giving players access to the most exciting aspects of the game without
subscription while offering premium memberships to enhance the
experience as the game progresses.

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Bloodymare represents a natural step in the evolution of free-to-play
persistent world online games,” said Jay Choi, VP of Gravity
Interactive.  “Until now, these games have targeted
a segment of the game audience accustomed to visual and game play
styles derived from traditional role-playing games and fantasy
genres.  Yet fans of these traditional games have matured in
much the same way the market for online games has matured and
broadened.  We want to entice new gamers to try out this
uniquely sophisticated free-to-play MMO, and with this massive infusion
of new content into Requiem there has never been a better time to do

With the content
upgrades introduced through Update 3.0, players of Requiem: Bloodymare
have access to more in-game playable characters, items and multiplayer
options than ever before.   Update 3.0 introduces an
entirely new character class, creating a fourth playable race that
boasts its own unique weapons, abilities, and items, along with an
entirely new level-up tree.  The deployment also adds features
to player-versus-player game play (PvP) including Guild-versus-Guild
exercises.  There are also notable enhancements to game items
and functionality.

Requiem: Bloodymare
boasts highly detailed character models with fluid animation, and is
set in a lavishly detailed, artistically stylistic setting. 
Players enter the mythical persistent world of Ethergia, a terrifying
place where the misuse of science and magic has recreated reality into
a twisted vision of death.  Taking on the role of a variety of
beings created through genetic engineering and arcane rites, players
are thrust into bloody combat with nightmare creatures that stalk the
land as well as one another.  Player-versus-player (PvP)
battles in Requiem can range from 8-versus-8 skirmishes to colossal
96-versus-96 battlefields.  The game also brings several game
mechanics that set it apart from the rest of the MMO market such as
ongoing day-night progression that turns sanctuaries into nightmares as
night falls, the ability to harness DNA in leveling up characters, and
a Beast Possession System enabling players to transform into bestial
beings with extraordinary abilities.

Requiem: Bloodymare

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016