A few months have passed since the official launch of Gravity
Interactive's horror-based MMOG, href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/taxonomy/term/769"
target="_blank">Requiem: Bloodymare,
but the developers of that game haven't been sitting back and relaxing.
In fact, in their recently unveiled press release, they announced that
a whole new race would be entering the game! If that isn't enough a new
leveling system is on the way along with some class additions and
adjustments as well. Always on the lookout for new stories to break,
the Ten Ton Hammer staff was given four exclusive screenshots of the
new content to release to the public, and you're more than welcome to
view these images! Enjoy!

the content upgrades introduced through Update 3.0, players of
Requiem: Bloodymare have access to more in-game playable characters,
items and multiplayer options than ever before. Update 3.0 introduces
an entirely new character class, creating a fourth playable race that
boasts its own unique weapons, abilities, and items, along with an
entirely new level-up tree. The deployment also adds features to
player-versus-player game play (PvP) including Guild-versus-Guild
exercises. There are also notable enhancements to game items and

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016