Exploring the Cosmos Anew: Starfield New Game Plus


The gaming world is abuzz with excitement as Bethesda Game Studios, known for iconic titles like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, prepares to release their highly anticipated space-faring RPG, Starfield. While details about the game have been shrouded in mystery, one aspect that has caught the attention of gamers is the concept of "Starfield New Game Plus." In this article, we'll delve into what exactly Starfield New Game Plus is and why it's generating such a buzz among fans.

What is Starfield?

Before we dive into the concept of Starfield New Game Plus, let's briefly touch upon what Starfield itself is. Starfield is an upcoming role-playing video game set in a vast open-world space environment. Bethesda has promised an immersive experience, allowing players to explore the depths of space, pilot spacecraft, and uncover the mysteries of the cosmos. The game is expected to blend elements of traditional Bethesda RPGs with a space-themed setting, promising a unique and expansive gaming experience.

The Basics of New Game Plus

"New Game Plus" (NG+) is a feature commonly found in many video games. It allows players to restart the game from the beginning while retaining some of the progress, skills, and equipment obtained during their previous playthrough. Essentially, it's a way for players to experience the game anew, but with added challenges and advantages, depending on their previous choices and achievements.

Starfield New Game Plus

In the context of Starfield, New Game Plus is expected to offer players a fresh way to engage with the game's vast universe once they've completed the main story or reached a certain point in their journey. While Bethesda has been tight-lipped about specific details, here are some aspects that players can anticipate from Starfield New Game Plus:

  1. Carry Over Progress: Players can carry over various aspects of their previous playthrough, such as character skills, ship upgrades, and potentially even some rare or hard-earned items. This can give them a significant advantage when starting a new game, making the early stages less challenging.

  2. Alternate Playstyles: Starfield is likely to offer multiple paths and choices throughout the game. New Game Plus allows players to explore different storylines or make alternative decisions without having to start entirely from scratch. This encourages replayability and exploration of the game's branching narrative.

  3. Increased Difficulty: To balance the advantages carried over from the previous playthrough, New Game Plus modes often introduce increased difficulty levels or new challenges. This ensures that even experienced players are challenged and engaged in their subsequent playthroughs.

  4. Unlockable Content: Some games include exclusive content or rewards in their New Game Plus modes, providing additional incentives for players to revisit the game. This could include unique quests, items, or story elements that were not accessible in the initial playthrough.

  5. Continued Exploration: Space is vast, and Starfield promises a universe filled with mysteries and discoveries. New Game Plus allows players to continue exploring this vast cosmos with their upgraded skills and equipment, potentially uncovering new secrets or reaching previously inaccessible regions of space.


Starfield New Game Plus is an exciting prospect for gamers eagerly awaiting Bethesda's space-faring RPG. While the specifics remain a mystery until the game's release, the concept of carrying over progress, exploring alternate paths, and facing new challenges in the vastness of space has generated significant excitement. It's a feature that not only enhances replayability but also encourages players to immerse themselves even deeper into the cosmic adventure that Starfield promises to be. As gamers prepare to embark on this epic journey among the stars, Starfield New Game Plus stands as a beacon, inviting them to explore the cosmos anew with each playthrough.

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Last Updated: Sep 04, 2023