Fail-Proof Strategies to Win at Baccarat

Baccarat is an intriguing game of chance that tests the determination and nerves of even the seasoned gamblers. The game is quite challenging, and many are searching for winning ways or top-rated tips to hack this casino game.

Due to its daunting nature, many gamblers fear engaging baccarat tables once they land to an online casino or land-based gambling hub. On the flip side, you might find baccarat the easiest of games to play at a casino. It is as simple as placing a bet when tossing a coin.

However, you may ask, "what do I need to know before settling at a baccarat table?"

With the help of Pradeep Singh, editor in Chief for CBL we list the following tricks that need to be on your fingertips before playing the game:

Avoid the "Tie" Bet 

You see, baccarat has tiny house edges on two bets out of the three available. The three chances include Tie, Banker, and Player. Banker presents a 1.06 percent house edge while the player offers a 1.24 percent house edge.

In every 100 units you pledge on Banker, you would expect to lose 1.06 units and expect to lose 1.24 units for 100 units gambled on the player. According to casino norms, these are appealing house edges.

And now all the problem arises on the third rotten bet. The Tie comes in with a whopping 14.4 percent house edge on every 100 units gambled. That is how much you lose for every 100 units. It is a waste of your precious money, and you would instead do something else with the cash.

Banker is Your Golden Ticket

Once you get to the baccarat table, you want your first best to be on the Banker. The Banker has a slightly higher possibility of winning the bet (somewhat more than 50 percent).

However, a 5 percent commission is deducted on every win from that bet to deny the player an edge.

Hold on to the Banker

As a gambler, you are looking to capitalize on winning streaks, and your chance to scoop big is by holding on to the Banker. If the first wager with Banker wins, then you might want to keep gambling on Banker.

On the flip side, have in mind if you discover a streak, it doesn't mean it has to go that way for long, so avoid becoming aggressive as tables might turn quick.

Do not Bet Immediately After Banker Loss

So, you decided to capitalize on Banker for several bets and finally lost the stake, and the player wins. Don't be quick to place another bet. It is wise to wait for the next bet. Supposing you have lost on Banker, wait for that next bet, then bet on whoever wins.

Stay Away from Mini-baccarat

There are two versions of baccarat in most casinos. The traditional baccarat is where players deal the game, and they can do like 40 decisions in one hour. Mini-baccarat is the opposite of what happens in conventional baccarat.

Here the dealer deals the cards, not the players. The game is quite fast. By fast, it means some dealers will clock 150 to 200 decisions in one hour. With 1.24 and 1.06 units on house edges for 200 choices, you can lose a lot if you are not lucky.

The trick for engaging the mini-baccarat is playing only the Banker bet. Yes, that's right, bet only on the Banker until it loses. Wait until the player loses and hop on your Banker train once more. Theoretically, you are reducing by half the decisions you face, which brings down your losing expectation.

Tie wagers are invisible

Tie bets don't count. That implies they are just a pause in the gameplay. If you were on Banker winning streak and a Tie appears, you would want to place Banker's next bet. Treat the Tie as if it did not happen and continue with your streak.

Manage Your Finances in Baccarat

Playing baccarat is just like betting on a coin flip. That means it is a game of chance, and lack of discipline can devastate you. It is true you can have outstanding streaks, but the opposite could also happen.

Set aside a certain number of units as a session bankroll, and should you lose all of it, then it is time to take a break. Stroll outside or take a nap before thinking of going back to the playing table. 

In case you bag some huge winnings, then you can consider splitting the money into half. Use one half as the bankroll, and should you lose it all, then it is time to head home with the other half

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Last Updated: Jul 24, 2020