The fate of Mythos and Hellgate: London hang in the balance.

When a disgruntled employee cast gloom and doom upon Flagship a few weeks ago, we thought it was just that - a disgruntled employee. It now seems he actually was disgruntled for a good reason. Rumors of massive layoffs started to circulate on Friday, and Flagship abruptly closed it's doors on Saturday.

To add insult to injury, HanbitSoft (co-owner of the Hellgate IP) claims that they are sole owner of Hellgate: London now. This is sparking a legal battle as we speak because technically the IP belongs to a different company, as collateral in a loan. This will be something to watch.

On the other side of things, not only are players of Hellgate: London wondering about the fate of their game itself, but the options to make new accounts, reactivate, or cancel them have been removed from the account management page. This is making people nervous, but we have some assurances:

Update #13: Off-site forum moderator, Diane Migliaccio, claims that Hellgate players won't be charged even if they are unable to unsubscribe due to the feature's removal from account pages. Coincidentally, Diane publicly launched her own community support company the day after Flagship's closure made headlines.

On the official Hellgate forum, Diane is locking all complaint posts and subsequently pointing disgruntled customers to an at-present 400-page thread in which she allows spam and posts her own.

You can find Diane's site here.

But wait Mythos fans! There is hope! An anonymous source has been popping around the web saying that Flagship could re-form into a new company, as early as this week! So, uh, during E3? Okay, that sounds a little too convienent.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016