Contact! - New Screenshots as "Flyboys Squadron" Prepares to Take Off

Fans of the MMOG framework and the World War I aerial combat subgenre may well have reason to rejoice. iEntertainment, creators of the critically acclaimed WWII MMOG flight sim "Warbirds", have devoted their talents to an MMO flight sim based on the recently released motion picture "Flyboys." We have our first look at "Flyboys Squadron" with these screenshots and concept art, and the game is set to release on Nov. 1. For anyone that cut their flight sim teeth playing Sierra / Dynamix's "Red Baron" series back in the nineties and loved every minute (only to shelve the floppies when our Tandy 486sx blew up), "Flyboys Squadron" looks like it might be the one we've been waiting for!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016


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