After announcing Fortnite has achieved 40 million downloads and 2 million concurrent players, Epic have confirmed today they're now heating their offices by burning stacks of $100 bills.

Estate manager, Marcus Chesthair, went on to detail how Epic are earning so much money through their Battle Royale shooter that they've now resorted to burning piles of cash.

“We just don't see the point in paying to heat the office. We've so much money lying around, it makes more sense to throw a stack of bills in the trash can and set it alight”.

A leaked image of the Epic office canteen, complete with a burning barrel of cash. 

Marcus, who has since moved several Fortnite branded empty barrels into the office so staff can smell the burning scent of success, is keen to stress it’s good for morale.

“The team have worked hard. They should be able to enjoy their achievements. What better way to know you’ve hit the big time than to burn through money?”

Although there’s no word on what Epic intend to do when Fortnite reaches 50 million downloads, Marcus did hint at a new dental plan.

“We’re thinking gold teeth for all the staff. It’ll look fantastic on our yearly team photo, and even better when we do Twitch streams”.


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Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018

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