Fans are chomping at the bit for the 5th iteration of Fortnite to be released on July 12th. Tweets from @FortniteGame confirmed the release date, which is nice because we all know that many of our favorite video game creators often get behind schedule and push back scheduled releases to our dismay.

One of the main things on my mind is what’s up with the Kitsune mask (Japanese fox) that keeps appearing in the Fortnite 5 trailers? If you are not already aware, the Kitsune is a shape-shifting creature of Japanese fable. Although they usually take human form, they are not always limited to this. In fact, old folklore says that all foxes have the ability to change into human form and often do so to trick people. That said, they are also believed to live among us as loved ones, and are thought to be the messengers for spirits.

So how does this relate to the game? Hopefully, it isn’t a clue that Epic is going to pull a just-kidding with the release date and laugh in amusement as we gripe about the game getting yanked out of reach when we thought it was so close.

Map Update Leaked

The Durr Burger has warped away in a rift straight into the California desert. Yes, folks, the Durr Burger is real and out in the desert … if you go to it, you’ll get told by a man in safari gear and a mask that you can’t approach. But he’ll give you a card with a number to call. Spoiler alert, you get some strange noises when you call that number (712-380-4091).

But the team at Epic got quite clever this season. They didn’t just give us a pointless run-around. When you run the audio mess through a spectrogram, a six-digit set of binary numbers pops out: 067000111. This translates to C7 which is the coordinates where Greasy Grove used to be. Now it’s Sandy Dunes, or what some are referring to as the Desert Map. So, we know that Greasy Grove is going to be desert themed, and when we look at the latest PVE screenshots, we get an idea of what this new area might look like.

YouTubers have also dropped some images of the maps updates, or at least are claiming these to be views of the map from players who were timed out and then dropped into a Season 5 Battle Bus. The current consensus is that the new map will take us back in time a bit, but there are also a lot of falsehoods going around. I have seen a few articles talking about desert map footage being leaked, and then in the game-play, it is clearly Anarchy Acres. Maybe they think that because the topography of Anarchy Acres is brownish, that they can pull a fast one on some noobs for a couple hundred thousand YouTube hits.

If I were a betting man, I would say that the new Sandy Dunes is just a desert themed Greasy Grove. But I guess it doesn’t really matter, we only have a couple of days left, and we can all smash our way into Season 5 and see for ourselves.

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Last Updated: Jul 10, 2018