It's pokemon online, practically. Sweet.

IGN got a look at Free Realms, SOE's upcoming free-to-play game which they've been quiet about for a while, at this year's CES.

Free Realms isn't your typical free MMO. It's got stylish 3D graphics, lets you navigate around what appears to be a large world, and provides plenty of options for play. It's trying to appeal to both female and male gamers, as its four main areas of gameplay are combat, building, pet raising, and mini-games. We didn't get a lot of details as to how these gameplay types work, but it seems as though you'll be able to recruit pets from the environment and then do things like pet them, brush them, and feed them at home.

Read their preview at IGN.

[Via VirginWorlds]

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016