Barely a week goes by without some form of talking point emerging from the world of Fortnite and in recent times discussion has focused specifically on the issue of the rumoured crossover with IT: Chapter Two.

Speculation emerged regarding a potential tie-in after the film’s famous red balloons started to pop up in the game. However, following the launch of the new movie, nothing further has happened. While debate continues on as to what it all means, the issue has undoubtedly highlighted how Fortnite has seemingly changed the game when it comes to promotions.

Part of all forms of gaming

Promotions and bonus deals have of course been part of the gaming world for years, but we are perhaps most used to seeing them in situations where companies are looking to entice new players into using their services or playing their games.

This kind of thing is still particularly common in the online casino world. The area has grown massively in recent years and that in turn means there are many sites now competing with each other in the space. With this in mind, a site like highlights how different gaming providers use bonuses to attract new members and compete with other services for new subscribers. Deposit bonuses are a common example of such promotions, while sites which offer online slot games may also look to push the idea of free spins on the titles too.

However, while those kinds of promotions are all about attracting new players, it could be argued that the approach taken on Fortnite is more about retaining them.

Keeping it fresh

If the rumored IT: Chapter Two crossover had happened, it would have been the latest in a series of Fortnite promotions based around the release of big blockbusters.

A similar event was held in relation to the release of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum as well as Marvel’s monster hit Avengers: Endgame, with both leading to the release of specialist items and skins related to the films.

Considering an estimated 250 million people play Fortnite, it seems fair to say that such promotions are about keeping the gameplay fresh for players. The release of new items ultimately means a different kind of experience and may help to reduce the chance of people drifting away from the game.

Major reach

Of course, this also shows that entertainment companies have caught on to the huge numbers of people they can reach through a crossover with a major gaming title and – if recent evidence is to be believed – we are likely to see even more of this in the future.

The eagerly-anticipated Gears 5 may have only recently been released, but back in June it was confirmed that the game would have a tie-in with the new Terminator movie. The Terminator Dark Fate Character Pack was made available to anyone who pre-ordered the game and Xbox Game Pass members who downloaded it before September 16th.

In addition, it was recently confirmed that Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Batista would be a playable character in the game too, with the move being timed to coincide with the WWE Network’s Clash of Champions event.

Here to stay

So while the IT: Chapter Two crossover seemingly has not happened on Fortnite, it seems that movie tie-in promotion of major blockbuster games is here to stay. Such trends undoubtedly put a spotlight on how promotions related to gaming have changed through the years and it will be intriguing to see what comes next in this world.

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Last Updated: Sep 16, 2019

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