If you've been itching for more news about Funcom's conspiracy-based MMOG The Secret World, you'll likely be getting quite a bit more information in the coming months according to Funcom's Director of Communication Erling Ellingson. In a recent interview with Massively, Ellingson stated that Funcom has several new videos of in-game footage and screenshots that should be revealed over the next few months. Additionally, Funcom will also be revealing more details about the game's PvP and progression system over the next few months along with the launch of a new website for The Secret World.

In the coming months we plan to give gamers a much more substantial look into the game's content and mechanics. We will be revealing details on our unique progression system, our PvP system and several locations. We will be launching new videos, screenshots, artwork and more, and we're also preparing to launch a brand new website for the game.

Check out the full interview at Massively.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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