Have you ever felt discouraged by the daunting tasks such as completing essays, school activities, and responsibilities associated with studying? Have you thought that there could be a way you could turn it around and make learning fun? Many students would agree that studying is a challenging endeavor. But the good news is that instructors and learners could include fun learning games to make learning more fun and interesting

Games that help you to study will elevate your focus on academic concepts. Another benefit of playing fun and brain games is that they will help you strengthen your abilities to pay attention to academic work and solve problems that previously would have been complex. If you have ever been disgruntled by the learning process this article will help in understanding how ingraining fun study games make learning interesting.

Games to Play While Studying

There are numerous games that you could play while studying. The purpose of these games is to help you improve your participation in the learning process, promote your social and emotional learning and boost your confidence. Moreover, games that help you study are vital in improving your attitude towards class activities and boosting your academic performance. For instance, virtual games are excellent in harnessing your attention to detail, positively impacting your academic scores.

An interesting fact to note is that fun study games are not designed to substitute other forms of learning. It is the role of the instructors and learners to have a plan for complementing fun study games with the existing forms of learning to guarantee positive outcomes. Playing fun study games will help you gain a new perspective on problem-solving. You should work in collaboration with the instructors to develop a well-thought and well-planned program to ingrain learning games in the existing learning approaches.

How to Make Studying a Game

Do you have any experience with the addictive characteristics of online video games? The deep concentration and attention associated with such games help you sail through the different stages of the game. It is the addictive nature of video games that makes you spend a lot of time playing the game. Eventually, you gain the know-how to pass through different stages. You may employ the same principles in making studying more interesting and motivating.

Making studying a game is essential for many students to navigate through challenging concepts. Implementing learning games motivates learners to grasp a difficult concept, embrace and understand boring topics, and navigate through massive class workloads. The following list provides several ways that you could make studying a game.

  • Instructors should involve learners in designing the learning games: Getting the opportunity to design the learning game will help you become more innovative and creative. For instance, you will get the opportunity to draft a narrative for your class, which will be the storyline of the studying game. Similar to video games, the narrative allows players to become immensely absorbed as they seek to understand what happens next.

  • Create opportunities for timely and collaborative feedback: Instructors will offer you opportunities for collaborative feedback. Games seek to promote teamwork. As such, instructors should group students into studying teams. By providing instant feedback, online video games become addictive to players. Using these principles would harness your imagination, resulting in more positive academic outcomes.

  • Use levels and progress bars instead of grades: Instructors should use levels and progress bars to ensure that students are focused on attaining the next level. Using levels and progress bars will help you conceptualize your school performance and progress.

  • Mastering the context: The concept of mastering the subject is vital in helping students to pass through learning difficulties. Similar to video games, players gain experience and mastery of the game as they pass through different levels. As a student, you could use the principle to navigate through challenging concepts and subjects. You have several options available to harness mastery of the context. For example, you could work out with the instructor, reward yourself or work a way out with friends from your class. Here you will need to divide the challenging tasks into different levels and work through each level. After every level that you complete, understand that you can level up.  

  • Use reward system and leader boards: Developing a reward system and leaderboard will effectively motivate learners to perform exemplary. The instructors should develop a system where scores are displayed to show students their performance and progress. It will serve as a motivating factor encouraging students to perform much better to acquire more points. Similar to video games, players are motivated by the points they accrue from one level to the other.

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Fun Study Games

  • Learning contest: Learning contests are one of the most effective fun study games that significantly contribute to positive academic performance. The fun game allows learners to grasp the contents taught in the classroom and analyze the information. The instructors should classify learners into two groups, where a representative from each group listens to a statement and determines whether it is true or false. The representative who correctly answers the question first wins the points for their team. The game should have several levels to determine the overall winner.

  • Unidentified quotation: This is a fun study game where the instructor provides a quotation that students have not heard of before to evaluate how well they understand the concept learned. The learners’ responsibility will be to identify the individual’s point of view or theoretical position and support their argument with evidence from the class work. Since learners may have different opinions, a discussion in small groups may be allowed before an entire-classroom discussion.

  • The One Minute Writing: The game is efficiently applicable at the end of the lesson. The purpose of the fun game is to test how much learners have grasped from the lesson contents. The instructor should set a time and have the students write their most notable discovery or question. The fun study game will be effective in harnessing the students’ reflection and writing skills. Moreover, it allows the instructor to evaluate what the students may have failed to master.

  • Jeopardy: Under this fun study game, the instructor creates questions and answers worth specific points. The instructor then divides the students into two groups and requests each group to select a number. The students’ responsibility will then be to answer the question attached to the number. 

  • Chain Notes: The instructor drafts several questions and passes them to a student. The student responds to the question within the set time and passes on the question to other students in the class to collect multiple responses. The fun study game is effective in harnessing a complete understanding of the concept learned.

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Last Updated: Jun 13, 2022