Games to play when your flight is delayed

Airplanes have rendered distances virtually irrelevant and they allow us to travel great distances within a matter of hours. Fast and convenient as flights might be, the waiting time is compounded by the fact that we spend long hours before takeoff. The worst-case scenario is to find out that your flight has been delayed and you’ve got even more time to kill inside the terminal. The good news is that mobile devices are widespread and powerful enough to act as convenient gateways to a world of online entertainment.

There are plenty of games to play when your flight is delayed and some of them don’t even require an Internet connection. Modern airports allow travelers to connect to their Wi-Fi hotspots, while the Internet is cheap enough in most countries to stay online using the standard data plan. In any case, getting stranded inside the airport is no longer a dreadful situation, as there are two types of games that’ll keep you happy.

Try free casino games

Those who enjoy healthy competition, as well as people who prefer to play mobile slot games that rely exclusively on chance should check out free casino games. Pretty much all major online gambling operators allow their members to play all the games available for free. All it takes is to register a real money account to gain access to an entire compendium of popular games. Slots, table games, video pokers, scratch cards and many other genres are featured and they are all perfectly suited for the smaller displays of mobile devices.

Depending on the casino of choice, people can play straight in the browser or download the dedicated app to their smartphones and tablets. Android, iOS and Windows powered devices can be used to play free casino games in both formats. The perk of downloading an app to play is that you don’t even need an Internet connection to have a lot of fun with these games. They are played against the random number generator, so they don’t require a permanent link to the servers and you can have fun wherever you are.

Have some fun with social games

Many of the popular casino games mentioned above can also be played by those who have accounts on social networks. They work in the same fashion and they are essentially free casino games that don’t require players to make a deposit. One of the main advantages is that you don’t need to register a new account, as you can simply use the social media avatar. An Internet connection does help, as such games are highly social and allow players to compete against their peers, which makes them more interactive.

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Last Updated: Sep 09, 2019

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