Gamers and dating were once considered two separate ideas. Yet, now that the negative connotation of “gamer” is starting to wear off, there are many different things to consider with gamers and dating. For those who are looking to find a “player two” that will take them on dates that combine love and games, there are more options to do so than ever. Here are some quick ideas on how to include video games in your dates.

Watch E-Sports

After you’ve met a partner online, for example on dating website, you’ll have the chance to start spending time with your date while introducing videogames to the mix. One of the ways that you can spend time with your date in a relatively casual setting is by watching e-sports. If both of you are interested, you’ll find that game channels online and on cable air championships for games like Overwatch. It’s a fun way to pass the time, learn about your date’s likes and dislikes, and still catch up on the latest action.

Play Together

While you could start bemoaning the loss of split-screen videogames, it’s still possible to play a game together with your partner. You can play the game in the same room, on the same couch, and have fun. Otherwise, you can both buy the game and play it online and still have a great time. This is particularly good with sports games and shooters, but you can make it work with other genres as well.

Play Together, but Separately

One thing that people underestimate in a relationship is the need for personal space. If you’re both hooked on different videogames, then you’ll be thrilled to know that there is a solution. You play different games, in the same room. You can be on the switch, and your partner can be on the Xbox. It’s a great way to stay in the same place, have fun with games, and have some alone time too. It’s even better if you prepare snacks ahead of time.

Go to Major Game Conventions

Another way that you can integrate dating and gaming is by going to places where games are being introduced, live major conventions. While it might be hard to get to E3 year after year, the fact is that a lot of smaller conventions happen throughout the year. You and your partner can travel with one another and watch as the latest titles are unveiled. In the past, you could have stayed with each other outside of a store on a release day, but it seems those days are long gone, too.

Hunt for Old Games in Physical Shops

A fun date idea for people who enjoy retro games is to go out to local game stores and check their stock. You’d be surprised at the different games you can find as well as the deals that the store owners will give you to move the merchandise from their shelves to yours. As long as you avoid major game stores, you’ll have a pretty good chance at recapturing some fond gaming memories. You can make a whole day of travelling to different stores, checking out the wares, and collecting games and systems.

It’s possible to bring together someone you love and videogames. The fact that so many people embrace videogames worldwide ensures that you’ll find a partner that likes games and that you’ll have events to go to with them. Watching e-sports, playing videogames, and going out to local or national events are just some of the ways that you can connect with your partner and videogames at the same time.

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Last Updated: Aug 13, 2019