Brad McQuaid recently started posting on his blog again, and in doing so announced that he's thinking about getting back into making games. This is the man responsible for the rise and fall of Vanguard, a game that had so much hype, but ultimately failed to deliver what it promised. He, perhaps inadvertently, cost many people their jobs, and the company he founded was dismantled in his wake. The MMOG world on the web has been abuzz about it this past week. But really, what's more shocking is that Mr. McQuaid was a little taken back by the negative responses to this post surfacing.

I mean, seriously, Brad. I feel for you. You didn't expect the swell of anger to come from a simple blog post, but it did. That's what happens when a game you helm is a commercial and critical failure, and you apparently leave your team high and dry. MMO Gamers are not generally a forgiving lot in my experience. But all you can do is come back, face the hate, and prove them wrong the next time. Which it looks like he's doing. Good luck to you, sir. I'm anxious to see what the future does hold for you and your imagination.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016