Halo Infinite multiplayer beta and Season 1 battle pass are here and what a great surprise it is!

Like many free-to-play games Halo Infinite multiplayer uses a Season Pass to cover the costs of development.  So what does that mean you ask? It means a slew of new cosmetic rewards that will allow you to customize your Spartans. The Halo Infinite battle pass contains smaller touches like shoulder pads and holsters, but also broad stroke cosmetics like armor kits and vehicle colors.

Here is everything you need to know about the Halo Infinite Season 1 battle pass.

How much is the Halo Infinite battle pass?

The Halo Infinite battle pass tweaks an oft-seen feature of the standard rewards path.

Like other games in this segment the Halo Infinite battle pass can be accessed in multiple ways. If you want to play purely for free without spending a cent there's a free version that will grant you over 60 rewards in the game's 100-tier battle pass.  That said, many tiers offer multiple rewards so you will only unlock about a third of the game's full run of goodies.

If you prefer to purchase the Halo Infinite premium battle pass, you can access it instantly for 1,000 credits ($10), which will allow you to unlock every reward along the way. You also have the option to buy the premium battle pass with additional consumable XP boosts for 2,800 credits or about $25 with the in-game bundle pricing.

This premium battle pass offers a unique feature as compared to other premium battle passes offered by other games.  Because Halo Infinite battle passes don't expire when their season ends, the 25 tiers you can elect to skip with the boosted battle pass are instead doled out as 100 consumable "XP Grants," with each individual grant doling out 250 battle pass XP.

So, if you decide to spend them all right away, you will immediately be at battle pass tier 25, but you don't have to do that.  You can save them in your inventory for later use, and even use them to skip levels in a different battle pass.  You spend each skip individually, so you could have them for many seasons to come. 

What's in the Halo Infinite Season 1 battle pass?

The Halo Infinite battle pass has a lot of new terms, so let's go over those first.   

The Season 1 battle pass theme is "Heroes of Reach," which just means that rewards are predominantly Halo: Reach-related cosmetic rewards. Nostalgic players are likely to want to climb high up the battle pass tiers, as heroes such as Carter (tier 20), Jorge (tier 80), and Emile (tier 95) can be unlocked by dedicated players and sported in future multiplayer matches thanks to the game's Kit category, which essentially acts as the shell armor for a Spartan. 

Climb through the Season 1 battle pass to unlock familiar Spartans.

Climb through the Season 1 battle pass to unlock nostalgic Spartans from Reach.

Each kit can customized, changing things like  armor coating, colors, as well as smaller changes to things like shoulder pads, visors, helmets, and more. 

Armor Hall

These cosmetics options are applied to your Spartan directly.

  • Armor Kit - Foundational body armor / character skins
  • Coating - Armor colorways
  • Helmet - Foundational head armor
  • Visor - Armor attachment worn over the face
  • Chest - Armor attachment worn on chests
  • Left/Right Shoulder Pads - Individually customizable armor attachments worn on the shoulders
  • Gloves - Armor attachment worn on hands
  • Wrist - Armor attachment worn on wrists
  • Utility - Worn on hips/legs
  • Knee Pads - Armor worn on knees
  • Armor Emblem - Insignia displayed on armor
  • Armor Emblem palette - Colorways for Armor Emblem

Weapons Bench

These cosmetic options are applied to your weapons, such as the Battle Rifle.

  • Kit - Paid esports colorways (not in Battle Pass)
  • Weapon Coating - Weapon colorways
  • Model - Foundational weapon skins
  • Charm - Jewelry that hangs from weapon's side
  • Weapon Emblem - Insignia displayed on weapon
  • Emblem Palette - Colorways for Weapon Emblem
  • Kill Effect - Effect that appears when you eliminate an opponent

Vehicle Bay

These cosmetic options are applied to your vehicles, such as the famous Warthog.

  • Vehicle Coating - Colorways for vehicles
  • Model - Foundational vehicle skins
  • Vehicle Emblem - Insignia displayed on vehicles
  • Vehicle Emblem Palette - Colorways for Vehicle Emblem

Body And AI

These cosmetic options alter your very own AI companion.

  • AI Model - Augmented Reality AI companion, each with their own voice, style, and personality
  • AI Color - Colorways for AI Model

Spartan ID

These cosmetic options change how your Gamertag is displayed in multiplayer lobbies.

  • Nameplate - Emblem shown in multiplayer matches alongside your Gamertag
  • Palette - Colorways for Nameplate
  • Backdrop - Background imagery in a Nameplate
  • Stance - The way your Spartan stands when shown at different points in multiplayer matches

You can also earn consumable items via the Battle Pass.  These are all part of the free version of the battle pass. These include things like Challenge Swaps, which allow you to replace your active weekly challenges for new ones, and short term XP boosts.

If you complete all of your weekly challenges you will unlock an Ultimate challenge.

The first season of Halo Infinite is set to run until May 2022.  That is a very long season.  Most games offer one, two or three month seasons.  

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Last Updated: Nov 16, 2021