Have you moved from your favourite MOBA or MMO to play PUBG or Fornite Battle Royale? It’s a question I was asked recently, and I’m perhaps one of the few people who know that haven’t. With Fortnite Battle Royale now having been downloaded by over 4 billion people, and PUBG regularly surpassing every other game on Steam’s most played list, it’s little wonder many have abandoned their go-to game.

In my case, while I play both PUBG and Fornite Battle Royale on occasion, there’s simply too much I dislike about both to only play them. PUBG is filled with cheaters, while the level of polish is poor and the number of bugs high. As for Fornite Battle Royale, there’s only so much bunny hopping I can take before its lack of gunplay depth finishes me off for the day.

Despite my niggles with both games, I understand exactly why players have gravitated towards the genre. Besides the fact it’s shiny and new, there’s something undoubtedly moreish about the drop-in-and-out play, especially when your time in a match can be over in minutes. The time sink for any MOBA or MMO is considerable and when you’ve only got half an hour of an evening, you want to feel like you’ve achieved something.

I suspect that many players have made the switch, and if nothing else, looking at our own metrics for the games we cover shows a distinct shift towards Battle Royale. With that in mind, have you jumped aboard the bandwagon? Let me know.

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Last Updated: Feb 07, 2018

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Lewis is a long standing journalist, who freelances to a variety of outlets.