Helldivers 2 for Dummies and Space Heroes

Ah, Helldivers 2, the game where you and your chums get to play intergalactic pest control. Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and you really should, it’s a hoot), is to stomp on some extraterrestrial bugs, blow stuff up, and try not to get squished. Sounds easy, right? Well, strap in, space cowboy, because we’re about to go on a wild ride through the cosmos with some tips and tricks that might just save your space boots from getting space-booted.

1. Dress for Success... and Weather

So, you’re dropping onto a planet colder than your ex’s heart. Guess what? Your pew-pew gun might just freeze up on you. But, good news! Your fancy laser beams stay toasty. And, watch your step - those sneaky mines love to play hide and seek in the snow.

2. Creative Ways to Squash Bugs

Ever thought of squishing a bug with a spaceship? In Helldivers 2, you can! Not just bugs, though. Bosses, buildings, your in-laws… okay, maybe not the last one. But hey, we’re all about creativity here. You can also play ‘pin the grenade on the Automaton’ – it’s a blast!

3. Pew-Pew Etiquette 101

Got a gun with more fire modes than a Swiss Army knife? Hold down that reload button and voila – you’re a one-man army! Just don’t go all Rambo in the middle of a stealth mission.

4. Remember Your Training (Or Don't)

Did you know your high-tech gun remembers if it was aiming down sights (ADS) or not? Set it and forget it. It’s like DVR for your blaster.

5. Limb-itless Possibilities

Losing an arm means you're halfway to becoming a space pirate. If your aim starts dancing like it's got ants in its pants, you might want to check your limbs. Just saying.

6. Bubble Boy, But Make It Space

Summoning a big ol' stratagem but feeling vulnerable? Pop a shield bubble and enjoy your personal no-bug zone. It's like those mosquito nets, but cooler and, well, space-ier.

7. The Reloader’s Dilemma

Compulsively reloading after firing two shots? Well, stop that! In Helldivers 2, every discarded magazine is a cry for help. You're literally throwing bullets on the ground. If you can't help yourself, try a shotgun – they're more forgiving to the reload-happy.

8. The Power of Friendship... and Heavy Weapons

Remember, kids, teamwork makes the dream work, especially when handling weapons bigger than your future. Team up to load those big guns faster, because nothing says 'bonding' like raining destruction together.

9. Don't Be a Lone Wolf

Sharing is caring, especially ammo and stims. Be that team player who walks around like a walking armory, handing out goodies. Your teammates will love you, and you’ll feel like Santa, but with more explosions.

10. Bringing a Peashooter to a Tank Fight

Some baddies laugh at your regular bullets. When you meet these tough cookies, it’s time to bring out the big guns, literally. Autocannons are your friend here. Remember, it's not the size of your gun, it's how you use it... Okay, it’s a bit about size too.

11. The Art of Strategic Grenade Throwing

Those stratagem grenades? Yeah, they bounce. Bounce them off enemies for a nice surprise or stick them to a big baddie for a personal fireworks show. Just don’t bounce them back to yourself, unless you enjoy surprise explosions.

12. The Graceful Dive

Diving in Helldivers isn’t your average ballet move. Use it to avoid airstrikes, get behind cover, or just to show off your stylish ragdoll physics. Pro tip: diving reduces explosive damage and helps you escape from awkward conversations.

13. Choose Your Loadout Wisely

Modifiers in this game can be as random as your aunt’s Facebook posts. Some days it's freezing cold, other days you're dealing

with satellite TV-level signal issues. Choose your gear like you’re dressing for a very weird weather day. Visibility might be lower than my chances of winning the lottery, so pack accordingly!

14. Know Your Limits, Then Ignore Them

Starting at the bottom? Don’t sweat it! You’ll climb up the difficulty ladder faster than a squirrel on an energy drink. When you hit a wall (hopefully not literally), take a breather, play some easier missions, and come back stronger. It's like leveling up in life, but with more aliens.

15. Be Efficient, Be Smart

Landing on a mission? Don’t just drop in willy-nilly. Plan your entry like you’re planning a surprise party – except the surprise is for alien bugs, and the party is you blasting them. Finish all the tasks, collect all the shinies, and make your grand escape. Efficiency is key, just like avoiding your chores at home.

16. Environmental Storytelling: LOL Edition

Helldivers 2 doesn’t just throw you into battle; it gives you a comedy show. From the hilariously casual way your deaths are handled to finding “Eulogy Templates” (because who has time to write fresh ones?), the game keeps the laughs coming.

17. You’re Not the Star, But You’re a Star

Remember, when you die, that’s it. Curtain call. But don’t worry, there’s always another eager space cadet ready to take your place. Be a pal and call in reinforcements for your fallen comrades. And hey, if you come back, you can always loot your previous self. Recycling at its finest!

18. Turrets: The Friend and Foe

Setting up turrets sounds great until you realize they couldn’t care less about friendly fire. Place them wisely, or you might end up getting a taste of your own medicine – and it’s not the yummy kind.

19. Your Ship, Your Identity

Bored of your ship's name? Spice it up! Sadly, you can’t name it “The Millennium Falcon” or “Boaty McBoatface,” but hey, there’s a decent list to pick from. Personalize your ride and cruise through space in style.

20. It’s All About the Stats, Baby

Your gear isn’t just for show; it's got stats that matter. Choose armor and boosters like you’re picking a fantasy football team – strategically and with a hint of wishful thinking. Be the space warrior you were born to be, with the stats to back it up!

21. Strategems: The Spice of Space Life

Strategems are like your space toolkit: offensive, supply, defensive – there's something for every situation. Mix and match like you’re a DJ at a club, but instead of dropping beats, you’re dropping airstrikes and ammo.

There you have it, future Helldivers! Arm yourself with these tips, and you'll be squashing space bugs and saving the galaxy in no time. Just remember, in space, no one can hear you scream... but they can definitely hear you laugh.

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Last Updated: Feb 20, 2024