A Look From Beta

MMORPG.com has filed a report on their impressions of Hero Online. This is a look at the game from beta, before a full preview.

First Look

A highly successful MMORPG in Asia, MGame USA brings it to the English speaking world. At first look, it feels and plays like a cross between Street Fighter and Diablo – lots of martial arts moves and click-to-move/fight/equip/drink unlimited potions. Hero Online looks pretty simplistic at first glance. You are given a choice of four characters, two male (Hunter and Warrior) and two female (Assassin and Physician). Each has a description which tells you the type of combat it is good for and the weapons you can use. You also choose a profession (or class) at level 10, and despite their descriptions, any character type can elect to be any class – Assassin, Hunter, Physician or Warrior.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016