If you're a fan of Chinese history or some of the games based on the three kingdoms of ancient China: Shu, Wu, and Wei, then you have probably have heard of Perfect World Entertainment's upcoming MMORPG Heroes of Three Kingdoms. Building on one of China's greatest battles, the Battle of Red Cliff, Heroes of Three Kingdoms will allow players to reshape history and help lead their kingdom to victory. Currently available in closed beta, Heroes of Three Kingdoms will enter its open beta phase on July 27th, 2010. You can apply to take part in the beta on the Heroes of Three Kingdoms website.

With the Open Beta launch, players will have even more ways to customize the game and further distinguish their look on the battlefield. Heroes of Three Kingdoms' various weaponry options allow players to choose from 18 weapons, and are able to wielding both a primary and secondary weapon, which will help shape and define in-game characters and skill sets. In addition, Heroes of Three Kingdoms' extensive crafting system enables users to obtain key technological advancements to help aid them on the battlefield such as stronger bows, equipment, and armor.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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