History of online casinos, when did online gambling appear?

What is the greatest breakthrough in human history that you can recall? Of course, technology is one of them. It has made it easy to innovate and also create some things that were seen as impossible in the past.

However, we cannot ignore the big role that the internet has played in the modern world.

Access to information, entertainment, and other crucial aspects of life have become possible for many people. Making money online through various online opportunities is currently possible, courtesy of it.

Technology has led to rapid innovations and inventions that have seen various industries transform into better ones. A remarkable transformation that many people appreciate to date is that of casinos shifting their services online.

However, casinos and online casinos did not rise by accident. Our expert Peter Deli (link up with him here), will help you understand how the industry has evolved through this gaming revelation.

What is an online casino?

Before anything else, it’s crucial to know the meaning of online casinos. That’s because some people only have an idea of the land-based casinos. Others also know online casinos shallowly. But if you are among them, don’t worry because you are in the right place.

If you have been at the traditional physical casinos, understanding online casinos is easier because they are the online versions of the traditional brick-and-mortar casinos with some advancements.

These are online platforms that avail the online games that players are looking for. The internet casinos only require you to create an account and log into it. Many Hungarian players love online gambling because of the great convenience they get. When gaming on the online casino magyar, they access various games they need with minor obstacles than when gaming in the land-based casinos.

A brief history of the online casinos

If you were there in the mid-1990, you would attest that the internet breakthrough was a new dawn that saw online gambling taking shape. That was the year that players started accessing their favourite games online because they were accessible through the internet. It also marked the beginning of the online casino businesses like online casino Deutschland in various parts of the world, including Germany, which is excelling in the sector.

However, at the time of its invention, many people would not keep up with the taxes making the Caribbean take the business’s lead. Their legal operations started in Barbuda and Antigua. Free trading led to the success of online casinos in Caribbean countries.

After the establishment of online gambling in the Caribbean countries, they started issuing gambling licenses. However, the businesses did not enjoy the monopoly for long.

The United States joined the quest to make online gaming a reality, leading to the rise of many casino companies. European countries could later join, and the number of online casino players also started increasing, making the gaming sector remain an outstanding one.

How fast did the online casinos grow

After the first online casino, other investors saw the industry as one of the best investment hubs. That led to the mushrooming of many online casino businesses that aimed at meeting the customers’ needs.

By 1998, there were over 200 casino sites that were offering various online games. A few years after the industry’s rapid growth, it experienced a downfall that significantly reduced its revenue. The US government decided to ban online gambling, which saw most of the casino companies lose their customers.

The US government’s move to ban online gaming did not affect the other online casino companies in other countries. That gave online casino companies in Hungary a perfect opportunity to excel tremendously in their operations.


Further innovations such as the introduction of smartphones led to more love towards the gambling world. That’s because it provided the players with the convenience of gaming and making transactions. Today, playing your favourite casino game is possible anywhere without obstacles.

Future of online casino

Since online casinos became a reality, many transformations have occurred, making it the best and the largest. There are many casino players in Hungary currently and beyond. That means that the casino industry has a bright future. Furthermore, other technological inventions and innovations will make the sector excellent.

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Last Updated: Mar 12, 2022