The GTA Casino: What's That About?

In a world so full of crime and violence, a venue that we can all escape to seems most appealing. This is precisely what players will find in the glimmer of the Diamond Casino & Resort. But wait, you won't find this casino property occupying any physical space. Oh, no. Instead, the Diamond Casino is a place found on the Internet, and it's not an 'online casino'. At least not entirely.

This property is located in the make-believe world of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online, a video game that has been redefining what being an upstanding citizen means. In the world of GTA, that means buying real estate and turning it into night clubs, overcoming gangs and claiming financial and political influence – and not through the most honest practices either.

So, amid all that striving for power and control over the vice city of Vinewood, we find ourselves entering the Diamond Casino, where GTA$ can be wagered on the outcome of various games. The GTA casino may be a make-believe one, but it's one of the most-accomplished interactive experiences as far as casinos go.

Where many online casinos try to implement the technology necessary to make you feel more alive and content with digital store-fronts, GTA has gone completely out of its way to beat them to the post. Some have called the Diamond Casino one of the best places to spend their days, with the digital world becoming a tempting alternative to real-world interactions.

The Diamond Casino & Resort, in all its glory.

Online Gambling Like No Other

And while GTA might seem a strange option to those who prefer to focus exclusively on casino gaming, gamers are lapping up the Holy Grail of online gaming, sipping on pixel beverages and having fun playing the various games found on the casino floor in this unique venue.

Overall, it's not just the gambling going on inside the Diamond Casino that is important. There is the VIP treatment. Your avatar will need to rest, and there is no reason why they shouldn't enjoy all the comforts a Las Vegas property could offer. 

How do you think the Diamond Casino compares to the best online casino sites in 2019? Some say that they would much rather stick to gaming as they know it, whereas others welcome the innovation that has gone into creating the unique world of GTA.

After all, people have been clamoring for the opportunity to experience a virtual reality casino – and here it is, the ultimate property. In fact, it all makes sense when you think about it. What better way to enhance the gambling experience than creating a meaningful context for it?

Just hopping on to an online site and starting to bet doesn't seem to be tempting enough any more. What we need is meaning. That's why by creating an emotional attachment to our GTA avatars, we derive far greater pleasure from gambling online.

And here comes the biggest innovation of them all – virtual reality. Games such as GTA will have more-immersive and far more-authentic VR than any online casino out there. Gaming technology just has the means to achieve that amalgamation of imagination and practicality. Besides, while an online casino needs to convince you that they are worth a try, GTA is already an established product that people can come and experience – not just for the fantastic Diamond Casino & Resort, but for all the other quirks that you can enjoy there. Of course, some people have already raised the question – if you cannot gamble in your state or country, wouldn't gambling in the Diamond Casino be a crime?

Well, in the world of GTA, we are all criminals, but we never risk getting caught. Perhaps a few legal bugbears will soon befall the Diamond Casino & Resort – not unlike its real-world counterparts who have the authorities on their backs all the time.

Can Casinos Rise to the High Bar Set by GTA?

So, the truth is that the bar has been set really high, especially where casinos are concerned. Most operators today are focusing on offering customers a better experience. But how can you offer a better experience when Rockstar Games – the creators of GTA – have managed to attract a crowd so large that it's scary?

Just think about it. GTA Online has over 33 million people playing, and that translates into some big numbers for the casino. In all honesty, Rockstar hasn't made public the number of people frequenting the digital casino, but one can imagine that it’s a lot – perhaps more than in some, if not most, states in the United States that allow online gambling.

Of course, traditional gaming operators have been able to come up with some pretty-innovative solutions as well. PokerStars, the Stars Group-owned company, has developed one of the first virtual reality solutions for poker, and guess what – it has turned out to be an absolute hit.

Yet, the efforts to innovate in the online gambling industry will have to continue if any online casino expects to be on par with what has been achieved by Grand Theft Auto in what can only be described as a stroke of genius.

While vendors and operators are scurrying to figure out how to compete with this new form of casino, they should also be warned that Rockstar is not standing still. The company is very interested in innovating its products.

Even more interestingly, Polygon reported that a lot of GTA players went 'broke' in the casino, but they were still enjoying themselves no end. This is another important distinction between gambling in the make-believe world of GTA and the real world.

Even though GTA asks for real money, the game doesn't actually lead to gambling addiction. GTA is a way to have all the vices you have ever wondered about, without any of the real-life repercussions. No casino can beat that.

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Last Updated: Sep 18, 2019

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