How does a love for games impact relationships?

Here are two facts about modern society. Firstly, online dating is a leisure activity that is rising in popularity all the time, and this situation has been particularly impacted by the necessity to do so much socializing via computers and smart devices, given 2020’s social distancing and lockdowns. Recent surveys have revealed around 30% of the adult US population are enthusiastic virtual daters. Secondly, computer gaming is the most popular leisure activity of the 21st-century, generating an income that surpasses movies and the music industry combined. Statistically, a high proportion of these two vast demographics are bound to overlap. Many of the users of dating sites would list gaming as their favorite pastime.

Gamers who spend a lot of time playing video games have poorer relationships with their families and friends. This is an activity that requires withdrawing from traditional social circles and focusing on a screen. Although there are always online options where players can interact with others across the world, there is a vast difference between mixing with avatars and actual people. But if you find the same game-lover, everything can be changed. Flirting on iamnaughty opens those opportunities, so when filling in profiles don’t forget to detail your hobbies and interests. Be honest and you can find your ideal match, and not only for a game date-night. Here are some of the pros and cons of gaming in the context of relationships.

• Pro: Video games provide much-needed personal space

One of the most notable aspects of video games is the sheer variety of available titles. These cater to an incredibly varied range of subjects, from fantasy scenarios to post-apocalyptic warzones, social enterprises to madcap races. Many individuals choose to immerse themselves in the ultra-realistic graphics of these alternative worlds. They provide a valuable escape from the hustle and bustle of life, an oasis of simple pleasures where picking up a console and pressing a few buttons can quickly transport them into an exciting dimension of escapism.

• Con: Video games can leave your girlfriend feeling abandoned

The obvious downside with someone becoming so fixated on the unfolding action on a flickering screen is that this can become their sole focus. The drive to attain the next level of a particular game can become addictive. Studies have demonstrated that people being forced to ration the amount of time they devote to gaming can produce symptoms similar to those associated with drug withdrawal. For the partner of the gaming enthusiast, there can often be a feeling of becoming the second choice in the list of preferences. The gamer’s girlfriend might feel their heart thinking when they pop round to visit and discover their partner already concentrating on their computer or TV screen, thumbs furiously working into the console as if their life depends on the outcome of this latest virtual adventure.

• Pro: Gaming together connects couples – from online flirting to the first date and beyond

Gaming can be an excellent way for bringing couples together. When they are first introduced on a dating resource, discovering that they have this aspect of leisure activities in common can inspire flirty conversation from the outset. Not only can they discuss their favorite games in some detail, but they can also hint about this becoming a regular activity should they hit it off and start a relationship in the real world. Where couples would once have made plans to inaugurate a partnership by meeting in a coffee shop, restaurant, or singles bar, now it is just as common to arrange to meet up and enjoy games together.

• Con: Sometimes video games can be as a means to avoid real issues

Someone becoming overly keen on playing video games is not necessarily just a sign that they have a hobby they are very enthusiastic about. A minority of individuals will use alien invasions or zombie apocalypses as a convenient way of masking problems in their real lives. It is unnatural for someone to choose to spend inordinate hours sitting in front of a screen, especially if they do this as a way of deferring the need to converse with their partner. If you suspect deeper issues, then you should pull the plug.

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Last Updated: Dec 14, 2020