How to Earn Money Playing Video Games

Almost every person in the world has tried playing video games at least one time. Nowadays, the industry of gaming is among the most profitable.

Imagine only approximately $60 billion was generated in the previous year. It is just about the USA! Of course, this money goes to the creators and providers of gaming products. Of course, it is not about that players cannot make their profit too. Do you know how it works? Keep reading our article, and you will gain safe ways to enlarge your income with the help of video games. These ways are one hundred per cent legal, so sit down in your comfortable armchair, take it easy and be ready.

Before we begin however, it is important to note that the money generated via these methods would be considered additional income, and therefore, subject to taxation. Luckily, there are ways to file a tax return for free. Or, if your confidence in that area is lacking, there are plenty of tax professionals that would be more than eager to assist you. 

Become a streamer

Video games for streamers as gambling for Australians are brilliant opportunities. Besides spending free time with your favourite gaming you can earn some money for showing and explaining your play.

Nevertheless, it is better to have high-level skills to attract plenty of followers on your channel. Speaking about creating a channel we can say that there is no difficulty to do it. You should follow some steps:

  • Make a decision about your gaming content;
  • Select platform, for instance, you can use YouTube or Twitch;
  • Go through registration.

Do not be afraid of slow growth (it can be at the beginning) or being funny. Step by step you will get money from ads, sponsors or donations.

Test video games

A game tester is an important puzzle in the creation of new games of high quality. Even the industry of online gambling has testers. These best casinos online take into account this step. What is the aim of testing games?  Everything is on the surface – to find bugs and weak aspects, to improve them.

But you should remember that this work is not only about fun, it is a routine that will repeat while a video game will be released.


Tournaments are a perfect source of increasing gamers` income. Keep in mind that your skills have to be strong and practiced. You should be a master in the field. Another side is good equipment. It is a must to use a laptop of the latest model with high-quality graphics and perfect opportunities.  

If you are the winner in these video game tournaments you can receive a significant money prize. Everything depends on the area of the selected game and demand level.

Final ideas

As you can see the process of getting money by spending time with video games is possible and real. As a common work it involves a lot of practice and improving your skills and knowledge. Of course, a blogger or a mentor is not the only way to earn money with video games. Follow modern trends and collect important information – in a word, keep your fingers on a pulse of this industry. Remember, everything is in your hands – just add a little of creativity, talent and relaxation.

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Last Updated: Sep 20, 2022