How to Level Up the Halo Infinite Battle Pass

Many players are upset about how fast the Halo Infinite battle pass levels up.   We're here to help!

Halo Infinite is here.  The multiplayer beta surprise launched and immediately broke records.  People obviously love the game.  What they don't love as much however,  is the battle pass progression system.   The gameplay is great, but the carrot on a stick isn't carroting or sticking or whatever it is supposed to do as well as it is supposed to do it. 

The anger at the battle pass is partly because people don't understand it.  That's because it works a bit differently than battle passes commonly do in other games. Here's what you need to know about how to level up your battle pass in Halo Infinite.

How the battle pass works

All players have access to a free, albeit limited version of the battle pass by default.  Some rewards are available to anyone by leveling it up.  If however, you purchase the Premium Battle Pass  (available for 1,000 Credits or about $10) you will be able to unlock all available rewards and help you to rank up more quickly, both by granting XP boosts and by giving you an additional weekly challenge slot.

Note: and this is important,  the battle pass never expires. New ones will eventually be released and you'll be limited to only working on progressing one at a time, but you'll never find yourself locked out of a battle pass and the rewards that you paid for. 

The current Season 1 battle pass consists of 100 total tiers, each with its own rewards. Reaching each tier requires 1,000 XP, but unlike what you might expect, that XP is not directly tied to completing matches. Instead, XP is awarded by completing either daily or weekly challenges.

Daily challenges

Daily challenges center around completing matches and are essentially your route to leveling up the XP by just playing the game.  This is pretty obvious to anyone.  Play and your bar goes up.  As you complete these daily challenges during a single day, you'll earn additional, slightly more involved (and more rewarding) challenges. Initially, all you have to do is complete a match, which includes those against bots.  Eventually you will be asked to play PvP matches, and after those, you'll have to actually win matches to get credit.   Each day, your progress is reset and you start the journey all over again. 

Weekly challenges

Weekly challenges are a larger source of XP, giving you up to four different objectives at a time to complete. Like the daily challenges, completing them will then provide you with new ones, either until you've completed all available ones for the week when the week resets on Tuesdays. 

The weekly challenges are more challenging than dailies and at times can be frustrating since you can't control some requirements.   You may be asked to play certain game modes or complete objectives in matches  Due to the low number of playlists currently available with the launch of Infinite's multiplayer beta, you are essentially at the mercy of matchmaking if you are presented with a challenge that requires a specific game type. At least for now, you'll just have to keep playing and hope to be given the matches you need. Your only recourse if you come up against a challenge that you either can't or don't want to complete is to use a challenge swap.

Completing weekly challenges is going to be your primary way for ranking up the battle pass, but there's an additional reason to do as many of them as you can. Each week, you have an Ultimate challenge, which can be accessed by completing every weekly challenge. Do all of that and then complete the Ultimate challenge to earn the corresponding Ultimate reward. For the first week, that's a special visor color called Sigil.

How challenge swaps work

If you receive a weekly challenge that you don't want to complete, you can  use a challenge swap. This will replace the objective with a random new one. Challenge swaps are received as part of the battle pass itself.  

How XP boosts work

Battle Pass progress can be sped up with the use of XP boosts.  These boosts are also available as you level up the battle pass.  They are only part of the paid for, Premium pass however.  They can also be purchased with real-world money or obtained from promotions outside of the game.

Activating an XP boost will cause you to earn double XP from any daily or weekly challenges you complete for 30 minutes. However, it's incredibly important to be aware that the timer begins as soon as you activate the boost and runs even if you are not playing a match. 

How XP grants and level-ups work

The fastest way to level up is through the use of XP grants.  These give you 250 XP when they're cashed in.  You can also purchase a level up for 200 credits (about $2), giving you an immediate rank-up.

Special events

Halo Infinite will occasionally be hosting special events that are not tied to the current battle pass. The first of these has been called, Fracture: Tenrai, and will begin on November 23.   It will be available for free to all players, but the event unlike battle passes will only be active for a limited time, meaning you won't have forever to unlock its rewards. 


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Last Updated: Nov 16, 2021