How to Win Real Cash Playing Online Action Games

Latest estimates suggest that there are now 2.7 billion active gamers around the world and this figure is set to hit the three billion mark by the year 2023. While there is a range of genres available for gamers, one sits head and shoulders above the others, namely, the action genre. A recent study on video gaming and esports found that action games represented over a quarter of all gaming sales, making it by far the most popular gaming genre – and showing the pull it has over its counterparts. Although many of these action games were designed purely for recreational purposes, there is now an increasing number of ways that you can win real cash by playing online action games. Where can you find these games, however? How can you make money from them? And is this trend of playing action games for the opportunity to win cash likely to continue in future?

Live-Action Gaming

iGaming is an industry on the rise, and as such, iGaming developers are looking at fresh ways to attract players to their sites. The live casino at Paddy Power features a range of innovative casino games, including their Live Age of the Gods: God of Storms game. The Age of the Gods series has proven hugely successful among casino players looking for an action game tie-in. This variation allows players to play and interact with their fellow gamblers at a table live broadcast and hosted by a live dealer. There are certainly no guarantees when it comes to winning back cash in iGaming, but the interactive experience is one that plenty of people enjoy regardless.

Review Sites

Although the iGaming sector has produced various exciting action games where players can win real cash, there are other ways to get paid from playing action games. You can now play action games online and produce reviews on these games afterward. After producing these reviews, you are accredited coins or tokens which can be switched for real-life products and/or gift cards from various retail stores.

Bloggers and Vloggers

YouTube has helped to give birth to a world of online gaming bloggers and vloggers. These YouTubers earn money by charging for ads and affiliate links on their channels. Promoting a certain action game, or some of the latest gaming technology used to play these games is also a method frequently used to earn real cash by playing action games. Twitch is an alternative to YouTube and is a similar site but one that’s dedicated to video games. Becoming a Twitch Partner can earn gamers money from advertisement and the number of views they receive on their videos.

In conclusion, the ever-changing gaming landscape is leading to more opportunities for gamers to gain from playing action games, be it through the latest iGaming releases, gaming review sites, or YouTube/Twitch bloggers and vloggers. Should these remain avenues for action gaming developers to explore, expect the current trend of playing action games for the opportunity to win real cash to continue for at least the foreseeable future.

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Last Updated: Mar 16, 2021