How To Write A Kickass Game Essay

            It is hard to imagine our lives without games. Playing games is an invaluable activity. People play games every day. Some do that to kill time or to relax. Some others play games professionally, popularizing e-sports. Nonetheless, they all enjoy doing that.

            Moreover, the fact that students study game design and development only proves that games hold a strong place. More educational institutions launch courses related to games, which makes the competition among applicants tight. Yet, majoring in such programs isn’t elementary. Apart from attending dozens of theory-laden classes, students have to work individually, completing plenty of tasks. One of them is essay writing.

Writing assignments are predominant in such courses, as they help students advance their analytical and critical thinking skills. Sometimes, though, there are too many of them, which makes essay writing daunting. Inventive students don’t wait too long and buy college essays online. Others look for guides to complete such tasks on their own. If you relate to the latter category, look no further. This article will shed some light on writing a top-notch and peerless game essay quickly and easily.

Deciding on a game

            Choosing the game might sound odd and overly obvious, but it is essential in essay writing. You should select a game before writing the paper.

Evaluate your interests and think of a game you liked the most. When analyzing, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why did I like this game? Was it because of the gameplay, graphics, mechanics, or sound?
  • Will I be able to write the entire paper on it?
  • Will my audience be interested in the game?

Answering these questions will help you evaluate both your interests and the interests of your readers. When you know the topic, you can move further.

Learning key information

            Knowing what game you are going to write about will make your writing process more precise. Also, keep in mind that whatever your topic, you should provide your readers with background information. It will help them learn more about the game and make their analysis more profound and objective.

Explanatory Essay Topics

            Among things worth learning and including is the game’s history of creation, design features, and developing facts. This will give hints on how the game appeared, the reasons for that, who worked on a picture, etc. You may add more or less information, depending on your word count. Make sure to learn the essay’s primary requirements before writing the essay.

Creating a thesis statement

            A thesis statement is usually the final sentence in an introductory paragraph. It provides the main argument or ideas the entire piece will develop. Writing a thesis statement in the first place might help you project your further steps and envision what your work might look like. You can modify your thesis statement at any writing stage; still, it would be great to think carefully of the points you want your paper to revolve around.

Writing a catchy opening

            Once you have your thesis, move back to the section’s beginning. Essays typically kick off with an opening sentence. Its primary purpose is to spark the readers’ attention. Hooks can appear as facts, shocking statements, misconceptions, and even anecdotes and jokes! You are free to choose any from the mentioned that pertains to your audience.

Leaning toward descriptive features

            Adding descriptive elements will allow the readers to re-experience what you have seen, felt, and heard when playing the game. Try using figurative language to represent objects, actions, and ideas in a way that appeals to our sensory details.    

Following the structure

            A structure is pivotal in essay writing. It increases the paper’s readability and unity and makes a complete work visually appealing. When writing a game essay, make sure you have a clear:

  • Introduction: A standard introduction has a hook, background information, and thesis statement.
  • Body part: Assuming you are writing a two-page paper, you should have three body paragraphs. Each body section must have a topic sentence, argument, and explanation.
  • Conclusion: A conclusion is the last paragraph of an essay. It begins with a thesis reiteration, then encapsulates key information, and ends with a call to action.

Citing when necessary

            Whatever type of essay you are writing–be it a narrative, argumentative, or any other kind–remember to cite sources when you refer to them. Most game papers follow the MLA formatting style. Still, there might be exceptions. That’s why ensure getting familiar with the instructions set by your teacher beforehand.

Sleeping on it

            Alright, taking such a long break may not be an option. Still, stepping away from the draft will come in handy. Not only will it restore your focus, but it will also help you look at your paper from a different perspective.

Read your piece aloud and check if it sounds fine. Correct issues related to grammar and punctuation, and move toward coherence. Examine whether the central part corresponds with the thesis statement and reveals it exhaustively. Once you complete that, your killer essay is ready for submission.

Key Takeaways

            Games take a firm place in our daily routine. But apart from casual playing, many people–students, for instance–invest much more time and put plenty of effort into learning the gaming world. One way to achieve that goal is through writing essays. To recap, here is the list of things every writer should do to compose an impeccable game paper:

  • Choose the game
  • Research it
  • Build a thesis statement
  • Create a relevant opening sentence
  • Include descriptive elements
  • Structure appropriately
  • Refer to specialized literature
  • Edit after a break


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Last Updated: Sep 07, 2021