At E3 this past week we got a chance to play Huxley in a demo. This
game has been on the burners for a long time so it is good to see it
finally getting ready for launch. If you are a shooter fan then Huxley
will have everything you want, plus an open world environment where
players can interact and show off their trophies, trade, and set up
future fights around the game. Taking MMOs into the shooter category
below is a brief synopsis of Huxley.

The game will have open areas for players to meet and chat in, form
teams and trade for gear. These areas encompass the MMO aspect of
Huxley. Players will be able to show off rewards and work towards
building their teams in a common market place. Gear is important with
loads of weapons to choose from and players will be able to shop around
in the open zones to get the best gear for combat.

While playing the demo we got a chance to look at the three classes in
the game. The Enforcer was up first who acts more like a heavy tank
than anything else. Tough as nails with some strong firepower, the
Enforcer can charge down any foe. Next was the Avenger who is your
close combat, mid-range shooting class. This class offers options to
players who want the best of both worlds. From shooting at range or
getting closer for some up front combat. Last is the Phantom class,
this one is the pure stealth sniper delivering death from afar. The
Phantom plays like most shooters that have a sniper class in them and
allows players plenty of options to surprise their opponents.

The game itself moves fast and the action uses the best parts of the
Unreal 3 Engine. Winding around corridors and seeking out foes you get
the true feel of a first person shooter right away. There are plenty of
stores of ammo, heal, and other weapons you can pick up in the games
you enter.  The pace is quick and the action does not stop. In
the demo we got to play as an Enforcer running some close combat
attacks and shooting rocket launchers to finish foes quickly.

With great first person shooter capabilities and an open world
environment for players to interact in Huxley provides the best of both
worlds. The only part of the demo which was not discussed is if there
are full open PvP zones for players to explore. This would certainly
add to the MMOFPS features of the game and give players something to do
if they only had a few minutes to log in.  If anything this is
the best area to improve the game and give players an open world combat
experience they can continue to play as the game grows.

We were impressed with Huxley’s speed and game play in terms
of a first person shooter format, our only concern was how it
translated into the MMO platform. Players will have plenty of ways to
interact and join up for battles, but there does not seem to be too
much more to the MMO portion of the game than that. Still Huxley
delivers where it counts, right on the end of a bullet.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016