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Crypto economies that have been generated around games essentially mirror what’s available outside the crypto-verse. There’s an argument to be made, though, that there are more ways to obtain valuable assets from crypto-based games than there are in regular gaming. 


Obtaining, for example, a tradable NFT in a game can be considerably more attractive than just earning a new skin. 


How do these in-game crypto economies truly foster collaboration amongst users? There are a couple of examples that highlight these elements perfectly. People who are not well-versed in the crypto economy could be missing out on great opportunities. 

Crypto Casinos & Live Game Options

The social element of crypto casinos is not as vital to the success of these platforms as it is in other cases. It’s worth mentioning, though, because the live games that these online casinos feature have allowed many players to embrace digital gaming. 


Many people head out to their local casino or gambling hall not necessarily to earn money but to enjoy the camaraderie that exists with other players. 


That comradery element is one that people can find in the crypto games at These games are being broadcast live with a dealer at a table drawing cards from an actual deck. People log in and are able to play from the comfort of their own homes. At the same time, they can potentially interact with the dealer and other players at the table.


This feature that allows people to connect with each other makes live casino games the closest thing to being at an actual casino that any person can experience online. Throughout the difficult COVID years, these games skyrocketed in popularity precisely because, at that time, people were looking for ways to regain the human interaction that was taken from them. If you started playing poker online during covid years, you may need to know about what Rake is and if taking it is illegal.      

The Curious Case of Twetch 

Twetch is essentially the blockchain-based equivalent of the popular platform Twitch. There are, of course, certain notable differences, but even in the name, the developers knew what they were aiming for. This platform represents exactly how in-game crypto economies now feed off socialization and collaboration. 


Creators on the platform can earn tokens depending on the number of users that access their content. They have to sign up through Twech's affiliate program to be able to access these earnings. However, the fact that affiliate marketing through blockchain-based platforms is becoming a possibility speaks to the growth of the industry and the emphasis on socialization.


Will all of the game-based platforms that find a home in the blockchain mirror what’s already available outside the blockchain? That may not necessarily be the case. It depends on what type of content starts to flourish in this space. 


In the case of Twech, the content on the platform is very similar to what can be found on Twitch. There are even people sharing cooking content, not just gaming live streams. This seems to be a clear indication that a large group of users is looking for the benefits that the crypto space provides. 


They may even be willing to sacrifice the potential of reaching a larger audience in favor of these crypto benefits. In other cases, creators are launching their channels through blockchain-based platforms simultaneously with what they have in other places, such as Twitch or YouTube.         


Other platforms are growing in this space that also allow creators to monetize their content based on social interaction. These creators are looking to the crypto space to present ideas that they otherwise may have found hard to promote through traditional channels. What are the other benefits that blockchain-based platforms provide over traditional options?                

Benefits of Crypto Apps Over Regular Options

The lack of censorship is one of the things that can lead content creators to prefer these platforms. Some people may get the sense that there are options with relaxed censorship guidelines on the World Wide Web, OnlyFans being the popular example.


That particular platform, though, may not feature an audience that’s going to like gaming content. Most of its users are looking for a completely different type of experience. Censorship is not something that just occurs when someone promotes X-rated content. Some video games, for example, could be considered too gruesome to be able to monetize on Twitch. 


Other creators are looking into blockchain-based options because of the restrictions in their home countries. Even if they could access Twitch, they may not be on board with the payment options available to them. In that situation, getting paid through cryptocurrencies has proven to be a preferable solution for people in certain parts of the globe.  


In all of these different scenarios, gaming-based platforms on the blockchain are providing tangible solutions to users and content creators. 


Creators may have also found that their audience in these crypto economies is more willing to actively participate and reward them. Also, they are able to strike external sponsorship deals with companies that may themselves be censored on other platforms.       

Final Thoughts

Gaming and cryptocurrencies have always had a close relationship. The entire concept behind NFTs came from the world of gaming in a way. Perhaps the socialization element was missing from the decentralized economy. Today, there are interesting features with many apps that promote collaboration. 


It’s interesting how certain blockchain-based apps have decided to mimic some of the features that are found in more popular platforms outside the blockchain. Saying that this shows a lack of creativity from developers would be incorrect. The reason that some of these apps, such as Twitch, have been able to build an audience is because they’re providing a service people truly seek out.


What developers are doing is taking a product that people already enjoy and attaching the benefits that crypto economies offer. The possibility to monetize content through the decentralized economy is one of the most interesting innovations of the last few years in this space. Looking at things from the rearview mirror, it was a logical step that the crypto-verse had to implement after the NFT boom.


In the following years, it’s going to be really interesting to see how many users these platforms will be able to attract compared to their traditional counterparts.

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Last Updated: Nov 07, 2023