Changes for Mythos and Lessons from Hellgate

Max Schaefer of Flagship Games recently gave an interview detailing some major changes to their upcoming RPG/MMO Mythos. Here he explains why those changes were made, as well as lessons learned from their last game, Hellgate: London.

Eurogamer: Has there been any hostility towards the Overworld? For instance, I noticed the instant travel stuff wasn't as instant as it was...

Max Schaefer: Yeah, there are mostly little quibbles. People say "I like it but there's this one little problem I'm having", and a lot of those things we've been able to fix. Overall the response has been wildly positive to it. Obviously when you've got hundreds and thousands of people playing a game there's going to be some who don't like it, but generally it's with respect to travel times. Eventually we'll also have mounts and things like that to reduce travel time. We don't want it to be a game where you have to walk 20 minutes across the ground to get to where you're going.

For the full interview, please check here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016