Pick your favorite RPG franchise of all time - style="font-style: italic;">Elder Scrolls,
what have you - and imagine that the online iteration of the game
wasn't just revealed at E3 2010, it was style="font-style: italic;">playable
and rolled all the game's classic features into a truly gratifying,
fully fleshed out multiplayer experience. Imagine that, and you'll know
something of the excitement building in the style="font-style: italic;">Company of Heroes
community. Company
of Heroes Online
is one of
the bestselling strategy franchises of all time, and at E3 2010 we
learned that style="font-style: italic;">Company of Heroes Online
is coming to the Western market. Join Producer Greg Wilson for a
gameplay video packed, top-down video overview of one of the biggest
surprises of this year's E3.


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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