Is Gaming Actually Bad for Students?

Gaming is one of the most popular hobbies for millions of students all over the world. This way of spending your free time has both positive and negative sides. In this post, we will figure out what are the real advantages and drawbacks of playing computer or mobile games for students.

Investigate The Time You Spend On Gaming

You can hardly find a schoolboy or schoolgirl who doesn’t stick to gadgets in their free time. However, the impact provided by gaming on a young mind depends on the amount of time you spend on it.

For example, if you play all your free time and dedicate over 3 hours per day to this activity, we’ve got bad news for you. If you play too much, you can easily start feeling addicted to your favorite game.

However, if you are not keen on playing games and prefer to dive into the virtual world from time to time only, you will likely experience only the positive impact of gaming on your mental health. The reason is that playing games allows students to unwind their minds, forget about learning, and switch to a different type of activity. What is more, many students are trying to get more free time for playing games. Some of them use free essay samples to cope with their academic assignments faster and easier. This is a win-win approach to get more free time for hobbies and gaming.

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Release Your Emotions

Many students face difficulties with expressing and releasing their emotions. Some learners are too reserved to tell their worries to other people, while others might not have advanced communication skills. However, any person should have an opportunity to release their emotions.

So, what is the best way to express your feelings? How can you reduce your aggression levels and cope with anxiety? Gambling is one of the most effective methods to fight negative emotions, especially when you are fond of shooters and other games that require fighting enemies.

Unwind Your Mind

Constant learning might make you feel dizzy. What if you are extremely exhausted from writing essays, listening to lectures, and preparing for exams, it might be great to unwind your mind. What activity can make you forget about all your topics for learning and student stress?

Gaming is one of the greatest solutions to dive into the virtual world, get rid of annoying thoughts about learning, and unwind your mind. When you are playing a game, you stay focused on it for almost 100%. As a result, you think only about the game and how to win it rather than about your daily issues and problems.

Anyway, switching to another type of activity is a unique opportunity for your brain to have some rest. What is more, you might elevate your mood, fight stress, and feel more energy to cope with all your academic issues.

Make Sure To Have A Balance

The most important thing for gaming is finding a balance between playing computer games and other hobbies. You need to have time for meeting with friends, reading books, communicating with your family members, and other hobbies. The core principle of this balance is not to spend all your free time gaming.

Make sure not to spend more than two hours per day gaming. You should have some spare time for other activities. Don’t forget to help your parents and hang out with friends.

Be Aware Of Addiction

Gaming causes serious levels of addiction. This rule is not working for all students, but still, there are thousands of learners who suffer from it. If you feel you can’t imagine your day without playing a computer or mobile game, spending all your free time gaming, and having virtual friends only, it’s time to get help.

Unfortunately, most gamers don’t realize the danger of this type of addiction. However, if you are among those who understand their weakness, you might need to have a consultation with a mental health professional. Addiction can be cured, but it is usually a long process that requires a desire of the addicts themselves.

All in all, gaming has both good and bad impacts on students’ performance. If you want to benefit from this activity, it is important to limit your gaming schedule to up to 2 hours per day. Setting up strict limits will help you keep your gaming activity under control and avoid addiction.

You need to have other hobbies, too. Make sure to have enough time for communicating with friends and loved ones, sports, breathing fresh air, reading, and other important things.


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Last Updated: Feb 14, 2023