Few games in the young adult age group are as popular as MapleStory.
With several million registered users, MapleStory leverages plenty of
weight in the MMOG community and many of the younger users cut their
teeth playing through this vibrant, fun-filled game. Recently one of
the developers behind MapleStory, Dean Cho, penned an "insider's
article" on some of the gameplay functions in MapleStory for those of
us who may be unfamiliar with the game. The Ten Ton Hammer staff is
proud to present the article and hopes your find it enlightening.

The world of MapleStory might be a huge, vibrant and exciting
place for people to meet up and embark on fabulous quests together, but
unless you’re properly equipped to face the adventures ahead
you could
easily end up as lunch to a marauding zombie mushroom. Fortunately
MapleStory has a mind-boggling list of items to wear, carry, and
hit monsters with. Learn how to get the best out of each of them and
you’ll soon have the monsters eating out of your hands.

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From Drops to Shops

are hundreds of different items to find and collect in MapleStory, from
healing potions to swords to fabulously expensive
diamonds. Some are incredibly rare and can only be gained by completing
special quests or events. The vast majority of items, however, can be
bought from shops, or collected as random drops from defeated monsters.
Shops are the best place to buy new weapons, armour and potions, but
the monster drops are often the only way to get quest-specific items.
These can be anything from mundane sticks, leaves and snail shells to
exotic chunks of rock from giant animated statues, so it really pays to
shop and chop.

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Keeping well stocked and equipped is absolutely
vital for survival in MapleStory: since weapons and armour often
have minimum requirements for their use it’s important to
plan ahead
and make sure you always have the correct level and stats for the most
powerful items available. For example, there’s no sense
upgrading your
Luck if you’re after a sword that requires a particular level
Strength. Healing, attack and defense potions are a must carry too

just make sure you allocate them to a hot key first: you
don’t want to
be busy hunting through your pack when you’re stuck in the
middle of an
angry crowd of slime monsters.

Make Your Own

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it’s possible to get almost everything you need from shops or
monster drops, the clever Mapler knows that many items can be
for far less money and effort thanks to MapleStory's
deep item
synthesis system. Almost every town in the game will have an item
manufacturer who can produce powerful weapons and pieces of armour,
providing you have the right component parts. Likewise,
you’ll find
helpful NPCs who can refine mineral, jewel and crystal ores into
valuable gems or building materials. Put simply, the more parts you
have, the more items you can make.

In the same way, you can save
buying powerful items of equipment by simply modifying the items you
already own. Magic scrolls that can be bought or looted from monsters
can add attack and defence bonuses to weapons and armour, while certain
item manufacturers can adapt your equipment using any spare parts you
might have to hand – and a bit of cash for the privilege,

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Lots to Carry

so many different weapons and items to collect, space in your backpack
is a premium. New MapleStory players have a limited carrying capacity,
but there are ways to organise and extend your inventory. Instead of
throwing away spare monster drops, Maplers should try selling them for
a profit, either to shops or others players – remember, your
may be very useful to somebody else. Alternatively look out for special
NPCs who’ll safely store items for you (at a price!), or
splash out on
some extra inventory slots from MapleStory's Cash
shop, the
unique store that allows you to accessorise your character with premium
items paid for with real money.

Like everything else in
MapleStory, collecting, building and customising your weapons,
armour and equipment is both simple and amazingly deep. Whether you
simply buy what you need and sell the rest, or get fully involved in
creating your own tools from scratch, you’ll have hours of
discovering the wealth of different items, weapon and bits of clothing
and armour that are waiting to be discovered.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016