Perfect World Entertainment continues its series of exclusive href=""
developer journals with Ten Ton Hammer,
this time showcasing the ways to enhance gear via imbuing and
refinement. The unedited journal entry includes two exclusive images.

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Jade Dynasty,
the highly anticipated martial arts MMORPG and third title from Perfect
World Entertainment, is now open to the public! Join the quest for
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Previously we reviewed the crafting system in style="font-style: italic;">Jade Dynasty. In
this journal, we want to take a look at the next part of making your
own gear: imbuing and refining.  To Imbue or Refine an item,
visit the Enchanter in Sunstream City.


Imbuing can increase a single stat of a piece of gear. To
imbue, a player must take the piece of equipment they wish to improve
as well as the desired imbue talisman. There are 11 different types of
beginning imbue talismans:

  • Sharpness Talisman – increases attack power +2
  • Shield Talisman – increases defense +1
  • Lifeblood Talisman – increases health +10
  • Spirit Talisman – increases spirit +10
  • Focus Talisman – increases accuracy +1
  • Windflying Talisman – increases evasion +1
  • Steadfast Talisman– increases stun resistance +3
  • Vigilance Talisman – increases sleep resistance +3 
  • Unfettered Talisman – increases paralyze resistance +3
  • Unwavering Talisman– increase weakness resistance + 3
  • Tranquil Talisman – increases silence resistance +3

As players progress and journey deeper into style="font-style: italic;">Jade Dynasty, they
can uncover better and more powerful talismans to further improve their

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The Refine
and Imbue Menu:  Place one of your talismans in the Talisman
slot, the armor or weapon you want to upgrade into the Gear slot and in
the Aux. slot you can put items that wil guarantee or boost your
success rate

Each item can only be imbued with one type of talisman. For
example, you cannot imbue your weapon with increased attack and
increased accuracy. However, you do not have to use the same type of
talisman on your other pieces of gear.  If you want, you can
replace the current talisman type by overwriting it with a new type.

An item can be continually imbued with talismans to further
its stats; however, the more imbues on an item, the higher the chance
that the imbuing process will fail. If this happens, all stat increases
will be reset to zero.

Imbuing may just give you that extra edge in battle!


Refining an item will increase its base stats, instead of
adding extra stats on. For a weapon, this would increase the weapons
minimum and maximum damage, while for armor this would increase stats
like defense or health. With refining, players can potentially double
an item’s stats.

However, an item has a chance to be destroyed with each
attempt. This chance will increase with the more refinery attempts on
that item. It is wise to craft a few extra items of what you are trying
to refine, in case one is destroyed in the process.  For
common and basic gear, you will need to use refinery talismans which
can be purchased from players or picked up from monster drops.

Luckily, there are items that can be found in the game world
to prevent destroying an item. These are Sigils, which will guarantee
success up to a certain refine level—a Bronze Sigil is up to +5, for

Have you been wondering how some players have that glow to
their armor? That is from refinement. The different colored glows are
dependent on how high you are able to refine the equipment.

And another helpful tip! It is recommended to refine your gear
first, and then add imbues.

In Closing

By imbuing and refining players will develop the most powerful
gear in the game. So if you want to make gear for questing, PvP or to
simply sell, there is unlimited combinations of gear that you can
create by upgrading in Jade

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016