Even if you are not keen on reading romantic books, watching soap operas or dealing with anything that is related to love and romance, this story is worth your admiring. It is one of the peculiarities of our culture to overrate the role of love in regular life. Yes, beautiful stories happen, but most often, real life differs from romantic novels. But today we are going to talk about a love story as a big means to make characters in a videogame act according to a certain plan and make them blow your mind. Let’s discuss such strong virtual personalities such as Jim Raynor and Sarra Karrigan. And mention their love story in light of being one of the most epic in the gaming industry.

The beginning

Although StarCraft is a strategy game about space, you shouldn’t be surprised to find out there is a real romantic plotline with its own drama and progression in it. The love affair between a rebellious member of «Sons of Korhal» and a girl showing outstanding psionic abilities Sarah Kerrigan is at least kind of strange. (Hopefully, Russian women cannot make your brain go off or cause you serious mental trauma). So, this story won’t leave anyone indifferent.

If you follow the storyline of StarCraft described in a game, books, and many other publications devoted to this fictional universe, the two were at first allies whose main aim was to fight against Confederation. Actually, Kerrigan meets Jim Raynor in the process of another mission when he was a newcomer to the "Sons of Korhal." Despite the fact that their first meeting was not so friendly, Sarah and Jim managed to find a lingua franca. They truly became an excellent team, although they didn’t have much time to talk about heir feelings. After all, they lived in an era of constant political revolutions and vicious games. In addition, it was more often that Sarah and Jim were competing with each other being involved in two enemies’ camps than they were cooperating. If you are familiar with the game plot, it is not a surprise to you that many times Jim was risking to be murdered by Sarah or to be more precise, by the monster she had become.

What is no less interesting about this would-be couple is that Raynor resembles more an ordinary human being, of course extremely resourceful and truly courageous though. But Sarah showed outstanding psionic abilities almost immediately after she was born. For example, when she was still a child, she accidentally killed her mother (by actually blowing her brain) and caused her father a severe mental trauma. That is why she later refused to use her talent to the maximum, explaining that it could lead to terrible consequences.

The opposition, virus, and revival

Everything went wrong when Mengsk, without the letting Sarah and Jim know, used psi emitters. Kerrigan was ordered to protect the zerg hive. Sarah copes with the assignment, but she is betrayed and left to be torn apart by the spawn. Raynor quits the Sons of Korhal and, together with a group of like-minded people, makes a desperate (alas, unsuccessful) attempt to save his beloved.

The Overmind (the supreme being who controlled the zerg) felt Kerrigan's power, and the zerg did not kill her. Moreover, the girl is infected with an unknown virus, placed in a cocoon and transported to the planet Char (Char). Psionic abilities allowed her to contact Mengsk and Raynor, both of them responded to the signal.

Upon arrival at Char Jim becomes a witness of a completely new Kerrigan emerging from the cocoon, who now calls herself Queen of Blades. She easily deals with the human soldiers but allows Raynor to retreat.

The girl will later become a prudent and cold-blooded warrior who will not be afraid of using any means to achieve her goal. She unites the forces of Raynor, the Protos, and Mengsk under her command. Allies help Kerrigan in a series of sorties. But, seizing the moment, the troops of Kerrigan betray everyone and arrange a real massacre. Mengsk and Raynor manage to escape. Raynor vows revenge on Sarah. He will later save her beloved, although things will never be the same… Although Sarah and Jim are hardly described together in StarCraft, every moment of their сonfrontation and love will smite you under the fifth rib.

What is so special about their story?

There is something from a competitive spirit in the relationship of these two, as well as readiness to move the mountains (or better to say asteroids) for each other. Kerrigan and Raynor didn’t explain their tender feelings; they were taking real actions to show their admiration. This beautiful and iconic story proves that men shouldn’t be scared away by powerful girls because together with them you can make anything possible.

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Last Updated: Feb 27, 2019