As a free-to-play game, Knight Online stands out due to its total PvP immersion. This game pits players in a struggle between two factions, weekly and monthly PvP events and world PvP available outside of the battlefield. Knight Online has released the first part of the story behind their upcoming expansion Forgotten Frontiers. Ten Ton Hammer has not only picked up the story, but also some screenshots that go along with it. Check out the new screens and the story below!

The History and Future:

You fight with courage, you fight with honor... But why do you truly fight?

To understand our war, and why our Knights battle, we must seek the knowledge of things forgotten by most. The roots of our conflict go as deep as the very nature of the universe. The World was not always as it is today.

It was conflict that begot the world of Carnac, and so it is fitting that in conflict the world should forever live. Monsters and beasts, nightmares of legend rose up and attacked, laying waste to all that man had built. Those that survived the sundering of the six once great nations of mankind retreated, and turning the fledgling city of El Morad into humanity’s final stronghold. Though they prayed, there were two types of gods that heard their prayers: those that were apathetic to their pleas, no longer worth the effort it had taken to create them, or bloodthirsty gods who reveled in their plight, actively seeking their destruction. It fell to men to and men alone to rescue themselves from total eradication.

And they did. Lead by the courageous King Manes, the Knights of El Morad struck out against the gods that would see them destroyed and won mankind another chance at salvation. The cost, however, was heavy. Many Knights fell. Those that returned, heroes at first, were cursed with a strange sickness, their progeny thought to be tainted by the lingering blood of the god they had defeated. Believed to be evil, these children were pursued by the priests of El Morad, and the children of Knights became slaves in the very city their fathers had saved. Eventually their numbers grew too great, and they were cast out of man’s last city, forced to fend for themselves in the wilds of a harsh world. These misbegotten children, branded “Tuareks,” different in mind and body, formed their own nation, called Karus, and solemnly declared war on mankind. Thus the forever war began.

It had always been thought that the nightmare beasts that stalked the wilds were the doing of a great evil god. It stood to reason that once it was defeated by the Knights of El Morad no more would come to be, and that they could eventually be hunted to extinction, proving the land safe once again. That did not, however, turn out to be the case. Even while the old beasts were harried, new ones began to appear. Strange, sinister creatures far more deadly than even the most experienced Knights had ever encountered. Scholars in the nations of Karus and El Morad began to whisper of the possibility of another god, more powerful than the one destroyed by King Manes all those years ago. Rumors began to circulate that this god had been lying in wait for some sinister purpose, and now his time had arrived. The discovery of fossils and artifacts of unknown origin bolstered these claims, and skirmishes broke out as each nation vied for access to them. The eternally warring nations had yet another theater in which to battle.

The violent Krowaz fed off of conflict. His power was so great that he need not manifest in order to exercise it. He was a force of nature, and an undeniably strong one at that. Through him the conflict between Karus and El Morad had reached a fever pitch, battles occurring daily, home cities being sacked on a regular basis, and key strategic points changing hands so often that none who remained could remember to whom they had originally belonged. The hands of every young man and woman were stained by the blood of vanquished enemies. This could have been enough, but the more death and war there was, the more he craved it. Krowaz grew insatiable insatiable. For the first time in the history of the world, he began to manifest, appearing to leaders on either side, further fanning the flames of war. At his silent scheming the flames of war were fanned, and with every soldier torn to ribbons in combat he increased in power.

The world of Carnac had its Creator, and its Goddess of Life, and its God of Change. Krowaz often wondered why none had ever thought to question the absence of one god who should be obvious to all . . . the God of Death.

New Knight Online Screenshots:

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016